Jamie Sheahan (Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

Height: 178.3cm
Weight: 71.8kg
Preferred foot: Right/Dual Sided
Playing Style: Inside/Outside Midfielder/HFF
Potential: 6-7.5/10


> Decent pace (plays quicker than testing time because he’s constantly on the move) and very evasive/quick feet – has initiative too - likes to take the game on and make things happen
> Slippery and can break tackles – stronger than he looks
> Natural roving and crumbing instincts – opportunistic – swoops on the footy
> Massive work-rate and good engine (high 13s beep) – terrier like - bundle of energy on-field and very lively – both ways and likes to be constantly involved
> Plenty of party tricks - good at stripping opponents off the ball then breaking away with it himself
Exciting and has X-factor – sense for the occasion – seems to step up when his team needs it – early against WA and late against SA
> Kicks goals
> Unusual (goose step) but effective set shot technique
> Dual Sided
> Good all-round ball winner


> Poor inconsistent kick – very low trajectory, but lacks power to send it over 50m and radar is very hit and miss (high clanger rate) – lots of scrubbers
> Iffy decision making
> Iffy balance – prone to loosing his footing often
> Not routinely clean with his hands
> Lack of height and size


> Reportedly and excellent cricketer – best football cricketer combo to come out of Assumption College – some think if he doesn’t make it in football will go onto to be a very good cricketer for Victoria


Sheahan is a player I’ve enjoyed watching, but his weaknesses are significant and may be too critical to be drafted in the national. However, I do believe he has enough scope to be picked up in the rookie draft (maybe late in the national depending who else is available). At best I think he could be a nippy HFF that can contribute with a couple of goals most games, at worst someone who’ll just be making up the numbers on the list, but not through lack of effort.

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  1. For People where he is playing in 09.

    He is on the Collingwood VFL Senior List