Hamish Hartlett (West Adelaide/SA) - Draft Profile

Height: 184.1cm
Weight: 76.6kg
Style: Inside/Outside first dibs midfielder
Preferred foot: Right/Dual Sided
Potential: 8-9/10


> Strong tackler – really rides his opponents into the ground – has good work ethic defensively - has an impact with it too
> Extremely clean hands and ball control - capable of swooping on it at pace and picking up without decelerating
> Very good ability to get hands free in tackle
> Very footy smart, consistent possession winner and good all-round game
> Reads the stoppages very, very well – consistently well positioned to win 1st possession of his own ruckman’s taps and shark taps from opposition taps
> Dual sided – very good kick of both feet (level below elite) – very good distance, excellent ball spin, low trajectory, M-H hurt factor, penetration and accuracy is generally above average though not routinely consistent enough to be considered elite
> Excellent handballer –consistently feeds to advantage neatly and with good hurt factor.
> Clever DM skills - particularly in close – excellent vision, very creative– makes things happen – has an impact even with limited possessions
> Very good attack on the footy and courage
> Elite agility/evasiveness/balance (moves beautifully through traffic) and good vertical leap and pace off the mark (particularly very good RT) – not one paced – has a burst/kick of speed if required and is quick enough to rest as a leading forward
> Goal kicker from the midfield – very good nous in front of the sticks - in range on 50m arc
> Good OH ability as a midfielder including clean on the lead when played as a leading FP vs Tasmania
> Has natural confidence in his abilities
> Has plenty of tricks – sells dummies, steal/intercepts the footy etc.


> Occasionally can try to be too cute/clever
> Injury prone – shoulder reconstruction
> Short arms
> Lacks endurance/engine – not running out games in the midfield – susceptible to the tag
> Skinny, awkward/odd build – not conventional AFL/athletic build – more ectomorphic
> Body language can get poor and can be ill disciplined/frustrated at times - evident against WA when getting tagged – sooked a bit , wasted energy arguing with umpires and gave away some needless frees against.


Hartlett is an elite midfield talent with terrific natural ability and game sense. There’s not much separating him from the other smalls in the top 5 and he’d be a more than worthy pick anywhere after 2 IMO. At best I see him being one of the best and most complete midfielders in the competition, while at worst he’ll be someone who has all the attributes but can’t make the step up from very good AFL player to elite perhaps due to durability and/or consistency.

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