Michael Hurley (Northern Knights/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Height: 192.5cm
Weight: 91.8kg
Preferred foot: Right/dual sided
Playing Style: Inside/Outside marking and spoiling KPU

Potential: 8-9/10


> Thumping genuinely dual sided kick – great power and decent control - can kick 60m on both sides

> Very strong – holds his position and ground extremely well

> Very self confident – backs himself in, sells dummies, but sometimes can show a bit negatively

> Very good desperation, aggression and physical intensity – runs back with the flight to spoil, hits the contest hard

> Very good positioning (consistently best placed in contests), reading of the play and reaction time

> Clean hands off the deck

> Strong aerially – spoiling and grabbing – also judges the flight very well


> Below average pace off the mark (carrying puppy fat – below average skinfolds - so some scope to improve) and lacks any closing speed. OK when he has a bit of momentum behind him. Would struggle against the quicker leading forwards – would have to play on the slower marking types.

> Big turning circle

> Can be a bit predictable going long all the time by foot and is prone to turning it over out of defence (particularly when he shortens the radar)

> Below average reach for his height (and poor vertical leap – so plays slightly shorter than he is)


Hurley is a safe pick with a little-no risk of being a complete flop. At best he could be a Jarryd Roughead type (just below elite) with the ability to hold down a KP at either end. At worst (injuries excluded) he’d be workhorse key forward (needs a bigger engine) and/or a solid 2nd tall defender. I feel he’ll end up somewhere in the middle- high B to low A grade key position player – I see key position forward more likely than defence with key forwards only becoming quicker and quicker as the game progresses while still retaining strength, the big, slow defenders will get exposed. Worth a mid pick in the first round.

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