James Strauss (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Height: 185.2cm
Weight: 81.8kg
Preferred foot: Right
Playing Style: running HBF/outside midfielder

Potential: 7-8/10


> Reach advantage for height

> Good pace over distance (average off the mark), agility and solid engine – good middle distance runner – well suited to a ground like Subiaco

> Hard runner – plenty of HBR

> Poised, cool, calm, collected decision maker

> Long penetrating RF kick –low trajectory with good ball spin - weights his kicks beautifully I50 to leading forwards – damaging in space

> Reads the play well and is good at cutting off opposition attacks

> Quite a prolific tackler at TAC cup – 4-5 tackles per game over two seasons


> Outside – lacks inside midfield potential – much more effective in uncontested situations than contested and not noted for his ball winning skills at stoppages – content to receive the footy (not proactive inside ball winner)

> Not a big ball winner

> Looks dangerous at times but doesn’t consistently hurt enough – too often chooses the easy, low risk option – needs to push himself more and take the game on more often as he has the ability to be a high hurt factor player.


> Turned up to DC with very poor skinfolds

> Solid aerial ability


Strauss is one of those guys that is currently producing at an output below what he is capable of and the risk with taking him early is he’ll fall into a comfort zone and not be the damaging player you drafted. At best he could a damaging line-breaking 80m player of a wing, at worst a talent tease that can be solid small stopping defender that lacks the confidence to take his game to the next level. Somewhere in the 2nd round would be around his mark.

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