Lewis Johnston (North Adelaide/SA) - Draft Profile

Height: 192.8cm
Weight: 83.7kg
Style: Inside/Outside Leading KPF
Preferred Foot: Right/Dual Sided
Potential: 6-8/10


> Very good vertical leap and good pace off the mark and engine for a KPF
> On-field agility/evasiveness is good – can work on angles/multidirectional - not a straight line lead-up forward
> Thumping RF kick - can carry more than 60m, no worries – dual sided too - accuracy/radar/weighting is generally sound
> Clean one grab OH mark - very good contested or 1-1 mark


> Very poor ethic, body language and intensity – enigmatic - occasionally pulls out of contests, lazy at ground level, seems to have concentration lapses and rarely provides 2nd efforts – likely to be high maintenance
> Poor handballer – significantly lacks power
> Lacks awareness
> Goal kicking radar is hit and miss


> Reach disadvantage for his height
> Struggled against VM and VC (teams with the better key defenders), but was very good against NSW/ACT, TAS and WA – benefited from having less attention due to Cahill
> In excellent nick – one of the best skinfolds at DC
> Top speed is only average for the longer sustained leads CHF have to make


Johnston has a lot of very nice attributes for a key forward and he’s bottom aged so he should have a greater development curve than most, but I can’t help but feel he’s mentally unstable on-field and will require a lot more development and attention than most. The risk is high and IMO far too high for a 1st rounder this year – I think 2nd round or beyond is a fair price for someone who has the upside of being a good quality 50+ goal per year key forward with some spark and the downside of being a complete flop. I see him as more a FF than a CHF even though he’s played most his footy at CHF - I think his strengths/weaknesses are better suited to FF than CHF.

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