Paul Cahill (Sturt/SA) - Draft Profile

Height: 192cm
Weight: 80kg
Style: Outside/Inside Leading FF
Potential: 6-8/10


> Very big vertical leap and gives it plenty of use in pack marking situations
> Decent pace and agility for his size
> Excellent ball control on the bounce – has the ball on a string - trademark of his is controlling a ball that comes in on the bounce and then turning his opponent inside out
> Very good 1-1 – rarely beaten by defenders – very good positioning in marking contests - regularly makes them look stupid with his agility
> Has a lot of shots for goal – lead the championships for the stat
> Has a real presence about him and a touch of arrogance about the way he plays – a good attribute for a key forward to have - the good definitely outweighs the bad


> Poor set shot kick – very inaccurate - pokes at the footy – doesn’t kick through the ball – field kicking is fine
> Poor (inconsistent?) work rate/intensity – have seen him run down and tackle a player but both aren’t common occurrence – normally doesn’t apply enough defensive pressure) and engine
> Slow DM
> Doesn’t use his body enough/consistently to crash packs and create a physical contest - seems to play for himself rather than the team


> Appears to have a reach advantage for his height
> Somewhat inconsistent hands aerially – takes good grabs at times (mostly double take), but doesn’t take enough to call a strength or drop enough to call a weakness – generally recovers well when he drops them
> Took the no. 1 opposition defender in the U18 championships


Cahill is a boom or bust player IMO – I don’t see there being much middle ground. The upside is big enough to justify taking him inside the first 2 rounds IMO, but I see the risk being fairly significant. At best I think he’s capable of being a 60+ goal/year full forward that will demand the oppositions best defender (I don’t think he has the work rate to play further up the ground), at worst I think he won’t last beyond the first contract.

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