Jack Ziebell (Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

Height: 188.4cm
Weight: 86.3kg
Preferred foot: Right/Dual Sided
Playing Style: Inside midfielder/marking 3rd tall/flanker or pocket (either end)

Potential: 8-8.5/10


> Very strong bodied and well balanced – bash and crash, tackle breaking style in congestion - AFL ready in his first season

> Elite tap reading ability at stoppages – consistently gets 1st hands to it

> Strong aerial ability and presence – safe hands – very good at grabbing high balls and trademark of his is taking the grab backing into a pack – however is at a reach disadvantage for his height

> Hard hitting tackler

> Courageous

> Powerful kick – genuinely dual sided, low trajectory (occasionally sizzling) and excellent penetration (can get 60m – on either side).

> Strong leadership skills and on-field physical presence


> Top end pace and endurance are both poor – but seems to have a decent burst of pace to get out of traffic on occasions – also one of the few (only player?) to get the better of a Stephen Hill tag in the championships and has proven to be an excellent player at Subi (is he being judged to harshly?)

> Straight line player – lacks agility/evasiveness (although tested reasonably for it

> Doesn’t display vision at stoppages to dispose by hand – tries to bash and crash his way through the pack and then slams it on the boot long to clear it


> Kicking reliability is somewhat overrated - still good and above average kick overall, but not elite - he does play a very contested brand of footy, however which is bound to make efficiency stats less favourable

> Could be susceptible to injury in the future given his playing style

> Effective going 3rd man up at ruck contests


Ziebell is another safe type – 100% footballer. While he’s been compared a lot to Luke Hodge and he does have some similar attributes, he’s not quite in the same class IMO – a very dependable type that can play a variety of roles, but may not quite have the all-round genuine star qualities to reach elite status. Likely to captain his club down the track. I think a mid first round pick would fair value.

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