Shaun Atley (Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

187/82 inside midfielder/defender
Capable sustaining a ranking from 3-10

Selling points are pick-pocketing ability, contested ball winning skills, balance, vision, slipperiness, defensive, blocking and tackling efforts, pace and clean hands

Kicking technique is OK, but weighting and depth are only average

Lifted in last quarter of WA vs VC when the game was on the line

Queries are lack of outside game and poor goal kicking accuracy

I think Atley will at least be a good to very good midfielder at AFL, but to develop into a genuine top line midfielder he needs to get more of the football and improve his reading of the play and effectiveness outside of the contest (get into space more, use his speed to run and carry and use the ball better by foot).

I think he will get a few games next year, but I don’t expect him to be particularly prominent bar a few flashes of potential – he probably needs about 5-8kg to reach his ideal playing weight (2-3 pre-seasons).

AIS, Dual VC 1U18, 2010 AA U18, 2010 TAC Cup TOTY

2010 U18C (5 games) 18.6D, 2.2M, 0.2G
2010 TAC Cup (9 games, 7 bests) 18D, 2M, 6T, 1G, 1B
2009 TAC Cup (11 games, 9 bests) 20D, 3M, 4T, 1B

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