Lucas Cook (North Ballarat Rebels/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

194/82 outside-in utility
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 8-20 within an AFL team

Selling points are his decision making and general smarts, mobility/clean hands of deck and kicking reliability and accuracy in both field general play and from set shots at goal

Overhead marking is mixed – he reads the flight very well and often achieves good position in marking contests without using his body, but his hands seem a bit inconsistent

Appears to have a bit of a reach disadvantage for his height (unconfirmed).

Endurance is good based on testing (tested in the top 10 for 3km at AFL DC) although not as clear on the field as someone like Tom Lynch.

He doesn’t have breakaway pace on the lead but isn’t slow, very agile

Lacks standout physicality or work-rate for a key position player, not an essential ingredient but the best key position players typically possess one or both of these qualities.

Main queries over lack of strength/power

Even though he has played most his football as a key forward to date, I think he has more potential to play as a 2nd or 3rd tall defender that can swing forward if needed or as a card up the coaches sleeve.

I doubt he will play much if any AFL next year – maybe a one or two games at most for a small taste. Needs about 12kg to reach his ideal playing weight, which will take about 4-5 pre-seasons.

AIS, 2010 AA U18, 2010 TAC Cup TOTY

2010 TAC Cup (11 games, 4 best) 14D, 5M, 2T, 2G, 1B
2009 TAC Cup (15 games, 3 best) 12D, 5M, 2T, 1G
2008 TAC Cup (5 games, 1 best) 9D, 3M, 2T, 1G, 1B

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