Luke Parker (Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country)

182/82 inside midfielder/forward
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 5-10
Similar style to Koby Stevens?

Selling points are ball winning skills (particularly in tight and getting first hands on it at stoppages), intensity/attack on the ball, leap, work-rate and ethic, physical strength, goal kicking ability when he drifts forward, overhead marking (see below concern)

Overhead marking is generally very good and he often takes very strong grab including pack grabs, but on quite a few occasions he inexplicably dropped marks from ‘hard-hands’

Overall his kicking seems solid – technically there is not much wrong, but whilst he isn’t an outstanding kick, he isn’t a poor kick either – can get quite good depth on occasions, accuracy and reliability is OK to decent- seems capable of using his left foot to get out of trouble.

Decision making is OK – from traffic he doesn’t seem to possess outstanding creativity and is more of a bulldozing ‘bash n crash’ type player, but executes most his feeds effectively – in space he seems to prefer to put in the general area rather than pinpoint options, which is fine but sometimes blazes away too quickly kicking for depth instead of lowering his vision and assessing closer options.

Very strong, mature and powerful build

Queries over pace off the mark

I think he has, at best, the potential to be a solid B-grade inside midfielder at best that has the versatility to play as a half forward or forward and kick goals – needs to improve his disposal and decision making or pace to a higher level to sustain a long term AFL career.

Ready to play AFL next year – very close to his optimal playing weight.

2010 TAC Cup TOTY, 2010 Morrish Medal – 5th (14 votes), AIS

2010 TAC Cup (11 games, 5 bests) 22D, 5M, 5T, 1G, 1B
2009 TAC Cup (21 games, 10 bests) 20D, 5M, 4T, 2G, 1B
2008 TAC Cup (4 games) 11D, 1M, 2T, 1B

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