Angus Litherland (Claremont/WA) - Draft Profile

192/85 outside/in defender
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 10-15 within an AFL list
Similar style to Andrew Mackie

Selling points are his athleticism (particularly pace/ball carrying), vision and decision making skills with the ball, clean hands/mobility, spoiling ability, rebound from defence, disposal accuracy, depth and reliability by foot

May potentially be able to play as a tall winger if he develops his engine.

Query over lack of strength and slimline build (may always have the build of a tall flanker)

I forsee him developing into a versatile tall defender that can play on a tall or short opponent and offer good quality offensive rebound.

Possible chance of getting some games next year in a rebounding defender role - he probably needs about 8-10kg if the club that drafts him intends on developing him into a key defender, which could take about 3 good pre-seasons.

2010 WAFL Colts (16 games) 11D, 2M, 2T

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