Daniel Menzel (Central Districts/SA) - Draft Profile

Height: 188cm

Weight: 79kg

Position: HFF/BP (QB role)/(HFF?)

Potential: 6.5-7.5/10

Style: Scott McMahon?


> Very good-excellent reader of the play across half back (particularly excellent reader of opposition kicks) - 18dpg and 6mpg playing a sweeping role (‘quarterback’) across half back

> Strong OH mark for his size – clean hands, good reader of flight and capable of taking under contested pressure

> Good leap

> Whilst he doesn’t have standout pace he provides good drive from defence with his run and kicking abilitiy

> Clean hands

> Poised DMer with very good vision by foot


> Somewhat slimly built at present

> Doesn’t seem a great feeder – lacks power and precision


> Athletic ability may be somewhat of a query - seems to only have OK pace and evasive ability - unsure of running capacity (have heard he has good endurance)

> Decent ball user by right foot – decent-good weighting, depth and accuracy– kicks lack a bit of power on occasions (should improve with added strength?) - has a reasonable left foot if needed – very high efficiency at U18 Championships (85%)

> Unsure of potential to play midfield, but seems a natural BP/HBF player – I have also heard he has been very effective playing across half forward at SANFL reserves and quite a few SA watchers have mentioned that is his best position


2009 U18 Championships Stats


Menzel is a very good rebounding HBF prospect that can apparently push forward just as if not more effectively(?).He should at least be a serviceable depth/emergency player, at best I think he could be a top 150 AFL player. He’s worth a mid 2nd round to early 3rd round selection.

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