Travis Colyer (Claremont/WA) - Draft Profile

Height: 173cm

Weight: 67kg

Preferred foot: Right/Dual Sided

Role: Midfield/FP

Potential: 6-8/10

Style-like: Nathan Foley

Video Footage


> Extremely explosive, line-breaking pace off the mark and very good evasiveness/slipperiness too - confident, dynamic playmaker who’s first instinct is often to tuck the ball under the arm and go for a dash - loves to take everyone he possibly can on, will regularly beat them and is rarely caught at this level

> May be diminutive, but well balanced and doesn’t lose his feet often

> Very good all-round ball winning skills both inside and out of contest –can win the ball with good consistency at stoppages despite not seeming to have great positioning, he has very quick RT and reflexes, good intensity/attack on the football, as well as excellent pace off the mark (3.6Cpg at the 2009 U18 championships)

> Good intensity – very energetic and enthusiastic around the ball – buzzes in and around the contests, capable of hard running (likes to be involved in the possession chain on multiple occasions) and rarely drifts out of games – well suited to AFL given the speed he plays

> Very good vertical leap – allows him to compete better than expected aerially - took a few good contested marks over the course of the championships

> Good nous and sense around goals – regularly a goal kicker (as both a midfielder and small forward) and often in multiples (however needs to improve accuracy)

> Whilst much more offensively minded he is capable of providing and applying very good defensive pressure and impact with both perceived pressure and his run down tackle ability


> Close to ‘showstopping’ height and a light build – he has surprised on occasions to show he can compete aerially with bigger opponents at this level and outmark them in a contest, but it still doesn’t alleviate concerns that some would have


> Low trajectory, but mixed dual sided delivery over short-medium distances – field kicking accuracy is OK-decent, but weighting/accuracy lacks reliability on the run – lacks penetration/has a short range (typically upto 45m) – kicking for goal on the run can be very hit and miss – his accuracy and cleanness of use by hand is OK at best although he has very quick release

> OK-decent overall DM with the ball –quick reflexes, reasonable vision, but not consistent enough and sells teammates into trouble a bit too often (particularly with his hands) to call good or better – TBF he does consistently take the game on and regularly plays at a frenetic speed (sometimes gets ahead of himself/teammates), so it may improve/look better in time at the next level

> Decent hands – can pick up the ball very cleanly at times including at pace, but is also prone to fumbling at others

> Shortest and lightest at draft camp

> Played 3 WAFL League games for Claremont averaging 12.7d and 0.7g per game – some chance to play AFL next year, but most likely as a small forward only

> 2007 WA U16 squad

> Played WAFL Colts 2008 (+ Alcock Cup for Trinity)

> 2009 WA U18 squad and AA U18 I/C

> Member of the 2009 premiership winning WAFL colts team


2009 WAFL Colts and League Stats

2009 U18 Championships Stats


Colyer is an exciting small midfield prospect with a diminutive stature. It may be a challenge for him to sustain

a long term career given his physical disadvantage, but not beyond him given the style of player he is and the qualities he brings to the table. Could start off as a small forward and move into a midfield role as he develops size and greater level of conditioning. At worst he probably won't be much more than a fringe player, at best he could be a top 100 AFL player. I see his value as a mid 2nd to early 3rd round prospect.


  1. Reckon the Pies could have a Look at him at Pick 30

  2. Dont think he will go past eagles with Pick 23

  3. Welcome to Essendon Travis :D