Nicholas Winmar (Claremont/WA) - Draft Profile

Height: 189cm

Weight: 77kg

Positions: Wing/HBF

Potential: 6-8/10

Style-like: Andrew Embley


> Very fluid mover – good pace off the mark and over distance – a capable line-breaking ball carrier over distance with excellent evasiveness too

> Booming RF kick with excellent range (60m+), good control and precision – decent-good over short-medium range too

> Good user by hand

> Great height for a wingman/flanker

> Very clean ball handling including at pace – uncanny control

> Smart footballer that invariably shows good vision and all-round decision making skills

> Good attack on the ball - very courageous and has no 2nd thoughts about going back with the flight

> Strong overhead mark for midfield standards - reach advantage for his height

> Applies very good defensive pressure, good spoiling technique and is capable of running down players from behind – very strong tackler

> Very good decision maker by both hand (including timing - well adept at drawing in opponents) and foot that shows good vision and awareness too


> Burst player that plays very well in patches (he was showcased very well by the WA U18 coach in such a manner), but needs to get more of it and push himself to get to the ball on a consistent basis - mostly outside game style, capable of going in hard and win contested ball on occasions - only averages 16.3d and 0.1g per game from 16 games at colts (only 3 games over 20d) and 12.8d and 0.8g per game from 5 games in the U18 Championships - and have a more sustained impact on games (improve consistency throughout a game) – largely a conditioning issue IMO (current endurance levels are in the poor category – tested a low 11 beep test at 2008 WA SS, improved to a high 12 this year at 2009 DC – so he has made some progress in the right direction, but still plenty more work to do)

> Needs to kick more goals for a wingman/outside midfielder – he does seem capable and can kick long range goals, but seems to play behind the ball moreso than most wingman/OM


> Stylish player that plays with great flair

> He was also invited to the 2008 WA SS and considered as a very bottom-aged colts player last year.

> Played all 5 games in the 2009 U18 Championships

> Member of Claremont’s 2009 Colts premiership side

> Cousin of the former Saint great Nicky Winmar


2009 WAFL Colts Stats

2009 U18 Championships Stats


Winmar is an interesting prospect and difficult to rate - just about everything he does with the ball screams AFL - potentially he could be a high quality wingman/rebounding defender or even a genuine utility type, but he needs to improve his engine/work rate drastically so he can showcase his skills consistently throughout a game. At worst he will struggle to be more than a burst player at AFL and be on the fringes, at best he could be a top 100 AFL player. He is worth a late 2nd round to mid 3rd round pick IMO (but seems like he is rated as a later prospect?).

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