Mark Hutchings (East Perth/WA) – Draft Profile



Preferred foot:
Right/Dual Sided

Role: Midfield (offensive or defensive)
Style-like: Steven Armstrong?


> Good vision in traffic – can be quite creative with his feeds from traffic

> Very good courage and attack on the football – will consistently put his head over it and more often than not win the footy – goes back with the flight willingly
> Good all-round ball winning and play reading ability both as an inside player and linker – reads and positions himself quite well at stoppages

> Excellent team and work ethic – very hard worker both ways with an excellent engine, good accountability and a strong tackler – capable of playing run with roles with good effect
> Good agility and well balanced in close quarters
> WA U18 coach (Andrew Lockyer) says he possesses “strong leadership skills” – was captain of the 2009 WA U18 team


> Lacks a yard of pace off the mark (OK over distance) –will sometimes get himself caught out because of it

> Kicking lacks penetration over longer distances – struggles too and rarely kicks over 40m
> Limited versatility – he can play an offensive or defensive midfield role, possibly a small defender role but no real other roles stand out at AFL


> Sound-decent dual sided kick with decent weighting over short range on both sides

> Sound DM - lowish risk/reward gamestyle - can be a tad slow on occasions

> Clean, but not outstanding hands – good in traffic

> OK-decent feeder – decent precision, can be reasonably sharp over short distances, though tends to give the ball too much air at other times
> Doesn't have a big frame but should develop into an OK build

> Should be given opportunities at AFL next year with 15 games of WAFL senior football behind him over the last 2 seasons – I thought he was better in 2008 averaging 15.8d and 0.2g from 5 games vs 12.3d and 0.5g from 10 games in 2009 – however did seem to get noticeably less TOG and opportunities in games this season


2008 and 2009 WAFL League
2009 WAFL League, Reserves and Colts
2009 U18 Championships


Hutchings is a solid inside midfield prospect and 100% team footballer without any frills attached. At worst he will be a very good depth player that will excel at state league level but struggle with the step up, at best he could be a valuable foot soldier in the midfield that will allow stars to shine. Worth a 3rd round pick onwards.

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  1. Style like Steven Armstrong? I think he just looks similar heh