Jake Carlisle (Calder Cannons/Vic Metro) – Draft Profile

Height: 197cm

Weight: 87kg

Preferred foot: Right foot

Position: CHB/CHF/FF

Potential: 7.5-8/10

Video Footage


> Very good-excellent grab with great aerial presence, good attack, typically clean one grab hands and very good reading of the flight - reach advantage for his height – AL equivalent to a player a couple of cm taller (~200cm)

> Good leap and uses it consistently well in marking contests

> Very good kick (excellent for KP standards) – good-very good weighting and accuracy as well as good depth – unsure what his left foot is like?

> Good DM with the ball


> Athletically (apart from his leap) he is below average – pace off the mark and lateral movement are OK at best for a KPP (a bit below average IMO – doesn’t seem to have any breakaway pace on long leads either), doesn’t have a great running capacity either - however there seems to be good scope to improve this area of his game given his rapid growth and likely limited exposure to pre-seasons.

> Is inconsistent within games and whilst did some good things in most-all the championships, his overall output was low


> Decent mobility at ground level for a KPP

> It’s hard to get a good idea of his overall smarts as he seems to have a poor running capacity – he seems to read the play decently in both defence and attack (particularly defence), especially considering limited football experience, however as mentioned it doesn’t show to a great extent given he doesn’t possess a great running capacity and/or work-rate yet

> Very lean - he probably needs at least another 10-15kg of muscle

> I’m not sure what position suits him best, but I think he could play any of CHF/CHB/FF well and if he continues growing, quite possibly ruck

> Decent tackling ability in close but doesn’t have the pace to run down players or infer great pressure

> Has reportedly grown 22cm over the last 1.5 years and was concentrated on cricket in prior to this year – would suggest he is still be getting used to his body and – big scope for improvement both from both a football development and athleticism POV

> 2009 TAC Cup TOTY FB


2008 and 2009 TAC Cup Season


Carlisle is very much a player that is being rated heavily on potential – however there is plenty of quality footballing ability to work with, it is mainly the athleticism that needs improvement - given the reports are correct it is very impressive how quickly he has adapted to the rapid growth in height and you would assume he will continue to adapt further as he matures – seems like there will be plenty of improvement still to come. He will probably take more time than most given he doesn't have a strong football grounding yet, but it will be very interesting to track his development and see what type of player he develops into. I think he is capable of at least develop into a serviceable tall utility, whilst at best he is capable of being a top 100 AFL player as a key defender and/or key forward. He is probably worth a mid to late 1st round pick.

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