Daniel Talia (Calder Cannons/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Height: 194cm

Weight: 89kg

Position: CHB/Wing/Midfield

Potential: 7.5-8.5/10

Style-like: Nathan Bock?

Video Footage


> Very good all-round athletic qualities for a KPP – good pace off the mark and decent closing speed, all-round agility/balance are both good as well as possessing an outstanding aerobic capacity

> Although his kicking technique appears robotic and lacks fluency, the results are very good - he is a reliable and effective kick for his size with good decision making ability that consistently weights his kicks well and can achieve good depth beyond 50m – however I think he needs to get ball form hand to boot quicker - his current technique doesn't really allow so (I haven’t seen him have an issue with it at this level, but it may arise at AFL?)

> Good user by hand that displays good vision and capable of good power

> Very good play reader across half back or in the midfield

> Strong all-round ball winning skills – averaged 18.6dpg (41%CP) at the 2009 U18 Championships over 5 games and 17dpg at TAC Cup level

> Very mobile at ground and very clean, reliable hands – rarely fumbles

> Effective and consistently good spoiler

> Very good work-rate in both directions and accountability as a defender


> No standout concerns


> Put in several good consistent performances during the 2009 U18 championships, but his form hasn't stood out before or since

> Solid all-round game probably without a genuine standout ability apart from endurance?

> Decent OH mark – reliable hands and holds his ground well – probably not quite a strength though - he takes quite a few good marks, but I can’t recall any outstanding marks from him.

> He has a good frame and size for his age - he shouldn't have any problems developing into a strong athletic AFL build over time

> Hamsring injury late 2009 (minor tear to a hamstring tendon? I have heard)

> At a slight reach disadvantage for his height


2008 and 2009 TAC Cup Stats

2009 U18 Championships Stats


Talia is high quality key defensive prospect that has some added versatility and is well suited to the modern game with his range of attributes. He should at least being a very serviceable top 10 player for his club, at best I think he could be a top 50 AFL player as a tall defender or a versatile tall utility. He is worth a mid to late first round pick IMO.

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