WAFL Round 9 Wrap

West Perth vs Claremont

Claremont League

Jarrod Ninyette
Stats: 9K 5H 6M 2FA 4I50 3.0

West Perth Colts vs Claremont Colts

West Perth Colts (in order of BEST players)

Stats: 19K 13H 7M 3FF 2FA 3I50 1.1

Stats: 9K 6H 5M 3I50 1.0

Stats: 8K 15H 5M 1FF 1FA 4I50 0.1

Stats: 10K 5H 4M 13HO 1FF 3I50 0.1

Stats: 10K 7H 2M 1FF 1I50

Stats: 11K 5H 7M 1HO 1I50

Claremont Colts (in order of BEST players)

Stats: 14K 13H 3M 7I50 0.1

Stats: 11K 8H 6M 1FF 3I50 1.4

Stats: 13K 7H 7M 3FF 1FA 1I50

Stats: 15K 10H 2M 1HO 1FA 8I50

Stats: 7K 7H 2M 16HO 1FF 2FA 2I50 0.1

Stats: 8K 2H 3M 1FF 1I50

East Fremantle vs Swan Districts

East Fremantle League

Kane Lucas*
Stats: 9K 11H 3M 1FF 1I50 (3rd BEST)

Swan Districts League

Lewis Jetta
Stats: 12K 8H 5M 1FA 7I50

East Frermantle Colts vs Swan Districts Colts

East Fremantle Colts (in order of BEST players)

Stats: 18K 8H 9M 2FF 2FA1I50 1.0

Stats: 6K 11H 2FF 1FA 2I50 1.1

Stats: 5K 1H 2M 2I50

Swan Districts Colts (in order of BEST players)

A McKinlay
Stats: 21K 6H 12M 4HO 6FA 2I50 9.3

Stats: 9K 17H 2M 2FF 1FA 2I50

Stats: 12K 7H 5M 1FF 1FA 4I50

Stats: 5K 11H 4M 3HO 1FA

Stats: 11K 8H 4M 1FF 1FA 4I50

Stats: 20K 8H 1FF 5FA 6i50 1.0

South Fremantle vs Peel Thunder

South Fremantle League

Corey Dell’olio
Stats: 5K 7H 3M 2.1

Peel League

Anthony Morabito
Stats: 7K 1H 1M 1HO 2I50 0.1

South Fremantle Colts vs Peel Colts

South Fremantle Colts (in order of BEST players)

Stats: 12K 5H 9M 1FA 1I50 6.0

Stats: 8K 12H 2M

Stats: 13K 9H 1FF 1FA 6I50 3.0

Stats: 13K 5H 7M

Stats: 9K 11H 4M 2FF 1I50 0.2

Peel Colts (in order of BEST players)

Stats: 14K 13H 2M 1FF 3FA 8I50

Stats: 10K 6H 2M 1FF 1FA 1I50 0.1

Stats: 12K 2H 4M 2FF 2FA

Stats: 9K 7H 6M 1FF 2FA 2I50 2.0

Subiaco vs Perth

Subiaco League (no I50 stats available)

Trent Dennis-Lane

He had a quietish start to the game with 1 kick, 1 mark 1 goal (set shot 35-40m out, 45 degree angle after a mark on the lead – receiving great service from the deliverer) and 2-3 tackles in the opening term.

He was busier in the 2nd with 3 possessions, 2 goals (the first from swooping on a loose boucing ball 25-30m out of goal and snapped around his body, the 2nd a resuly of receiving a HB from Smith 30m out slipping out of his opponents tackle and steadying to snap the goal), 1 behind (collecting a loose ball from 60m out in space, ran to 45-50m and kicked slightly across the face under no prerssure), as well as continuing to provide good defensive pressure.

His third quarter was clearly his best and most prolific kicking 4 goals (1st after he overran a bouncing ball not collecting it cleanly and was shirtfronted by Jones, then showed great recovery to get back up and collect the spill from a tackle 30m out cleanly and run into slot through an easy goal from close range, the second was put through a set shot from 30m no significant angle after a sliding mark on the lead in front, the third was also from a set shot straight in front resulting from a chest mark dropping back and reading the flight better than his opponent after a high kick to the goal square, and the fourth was from another set shot from 20m no great angle after a push in the back). NOTE: the 3rd goal in the quarter (6th overall) isn’t in the video footage.

He had 2 further possessions in the last quarter, didn’t kick any goals, but assisted one after diving for a low mark which bounced just in front and showing excellent recovery again to get back up on his feet, gather the ball with one hand , sidestep a player and weight a short RF pass to Mapleston at CHF. A poor kickout gave him an opportunity to score his 8th goal, after he was in a better position to take the mark than his opponent , however he put the resultant set kick out on the full after taking a difficult shot from 50-55m out 45-60 degree angle.

He showed a real appetite for goals and nous around the goalmouth, the ability to kick goals from mark/set shots and opportunistic crumbing situations, good lateral movement, agility and evasiveness, clean hands, excellent footy smarts to read the play before and outthink his opponent consistently, good defensive work ethic to chase and apply pressure and excellent recovery ability.
He’s quite narrow shouldered and thin through the body, he doesn’t seem genuinely explosive - his pace is OK-decent without standing out and I’m unsure about his vertical leap, but it didn’t stand out particularly.

Overall it was an excellent return for a small forward, to kick a massive 7 goals, making the very most of the opportunities he got (12 disposals, 10 of them resulting in goal scoring opportunites, 7 goals, 1 behind, 1OOF and 1 goal assist), while also providing pressure on the oppositions defensive ball carriers too.

He’s been looked at in the pasts as a colts player and while he’s no guarantee at 19, good, consistent form over the course of this season could be well timed with a reduced draft pool this year and 2 WA sides in need of small crumbing forwards.


Stats: 11K 1H 4M 1FF 7.1 (1st BEST)

Subiaco Colts vs Perth Colts

Subiaco Colts (in order of BEST players – no I50 stats)

Stats: 21K 9H 4M 4FF 1FA 0.1

Stats: 13K 2H 1M 2FF 1FA 13HO

Stats: 9K 2H 1M

Stats: 13K 4M 2FF 1.0

Perth Colts (in order of BEST players)

Stats: 16K 6H 4M 3FA 3I50 1.1

Stats: 14K 8H 9M 1FF 5I50 1.0

Stats: 18K 13H 6M 1FF 4FA 6I50 0.1

Stats: 14K 19H 6M 1FF 4FA 6I50 0.1

Stats: 7K 11H 2M 4FF 2FA 3I50 0.1

Stats: 16K 4H 4M 2FA 1I50

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