WAFL Round 8 Wrap

Perth vs Claremont


Jarrod Ninyette
Stats: 9K 3H 2M 2.3

Perth Colts vs Claremont Colts

Perth Colts (BEST players in order – no I50 stats)

Joel Houghton*
Stats: 11K 1H 8M 6HO 4.1

Cameron Kickett *
Stats: 9K 3H 6M 2FA 27HO 0.1

Brett Hodge
Stats: 9K 4H 3M 2FF 2FA 0.2

William Waldon
Stats: 10K 6H 10M 1FF 3HO

Stats: 5K 1H 4M 1FF 2.2

Liam Smith
Stats: 10K 13H 5M 1FF 1FA 1.2

Claremont Colts (BEST players in order – no I50 stats)

Matt Davies
Stats: 24K 7H 4M 4FF 0.1

Travis Colyer*
Stats: 15K 9H 5M 1FF 1.1

Nat Fyfe*
Stats: 14K 6H 9M 2FA 3.4

Nick Kommer
Stats: 10K 6H 1M 2FA

Stats: 6K 3H 3M 1FF 1FA 1HO

Ryan Neates
Stats: 16K 13H 4M 1FF 0.1

Subiaco vs East Fremantle

East Fremantle League

Brad Sheppard*
Stats: 11K 6H 9M 1.0 (2nd BEST player)

Anthony Kyanga
Stats: 4K 1M 1FA

Subiaco Colts vs East Fremantle Colts

Subiaco Colts (BEST players in order – no stats available)

Cullen – 1 goal
Norris – 1 goal

East Fremantle Colts (BEST players in order – no I50 stats)

David Swallow*
Stats: 15K 12H 6M 2FF 2FA 2.2

Scott Jansen
Scott Stats: 8K 8H 3M

Kane Lucas*
Stats: 17K 8H 5M 3FF 4FA

Stats: 3K 5H 1FF 1HO

Luke Foster*
Stats: 6K 4H 4M 1FA 1.1

Chris Forsyth
Stats: 16K 11H 2M 2FF 1FA 1.1

Peel vs West Perth

Peel League

Anthony Morabito*

Started on the bench and came on mid-late in the 1st quarter and only picked up the 2 (1/1) possessions (1I50). Was pinged for a holding the ball after presenting well to take a chest mark on the wing slipping off his opponent and accelerating away with an exciting 3 bounce run at pace, however was run down after cutting back inside (commentators mentioned there were no options presenting I50).

He was a bit more busy in the 2nd with more TOG with 4 (3/1) possessions and 1 spoil without having any significant impact.

Again he had his greatest impact in the 3rd quarter, playing through the midfield he picked up 5 disposals (3/2), 1 contested mark (held his ground very well against an opponent coming in with momentum from the side), 2 clearances, 1 goal assist (HBR carried the ball 30m forward after receiving a HB on the wing, running I50 with the ball and giving a looping HB OTT to the Howlett who kicked the goal from 35m)

He finished with 5 disposals (2/3) in the last including 1 clearance, 1 tackle and 1 spoil - he indirectly assisted a goal after receiving a HB on the HBF and running it down the wing with a couple of bounces, drawing an opponent in and looping a HB over him to a loose Peel player (who then gave a HB backward to a unopposed running teammate who kicked high I50 into space for the leading player to mark and goal from the set shot).

He once again showed his ability to break lines and take the game on with pace, core strength and balance to stand up in/shrug off tackles and take hits without being buffeted, clean hands, decent pressure around the ball and also presented well as a running option/leading target across wing and half forward on a number of occasions.

Overall he didn’t have the output or impact that he had in last week’s game but it was still a solid performance from him considering how disappointing Peel’s overall performance and work-rate was after the first quarter.


Stats: 10K 4H 5M 1FA (ABC TV had him down for 11K 7H 5M)

Peel Colts vs West Perth Colts

Peel Colts (BEST players in order – no I50 stats)

Rhett Mason
Stats: 18K 10H 1M 1HO 2.0

Aaron Black
Stats: 8K 8H 3M 1FF 10HO 0.1

Stats: 5K 7H 1M 1FF 1.0

Blake Piggot
Stats: 8K 3H 3M 2FA

B Wilson*
Stats: 6K 6H 6M 1HO

Stats: 11K 6H 2M 1FA 1.1

West Perth Colts (BEST players not supplied – no I50 stats)

Leading disposal winner: Nick Carney
Stats: 16K 9H 4M 1.1

Leading goal kicker: Trent Batterham
Stats: 9K 3H 4M 1FF 1FA 5.0

Swan Districts vs East Perth

Swan Districts League

Lewis Jetta
Stats: 13K 1M 1FF 4FA

Brett Wolfenden
Stats: 11K 9H 6M 2FF 1FA 1.3 (6th BEST)

Steven Potente
Stats: 10K 10H 2M 3FF 2FA 2.0

East Perth League

Trevor Oliver
Stats: 21K 16H 7M 1FA 0.1 (1st BEST)

Jordan Eastwell
Stats: 9K 12H 4M 2FF 1FA 1.0

Swan Districts Colts vs East Perth Colts

Swan Districts Colts (BEST players in order – no I50 stats)

Stats: 16K 8H 4M 1FF 1FA 2.0

Stats: 20K 10H 2M 2FF 1FA 1HO 0.1

Stats: 9K 11H 3M 2FA 4HO

Stats: 8K 10H 3M 2FF

Stats:8K 11H 8M 24HO

Stats: 6K 12H 3M 1FF 1FA

East Perth Colts (BEST players in order – no I50 stats)

Stats: 13K 10H 5M 1FF 2FA 1.0

Stats: 10K 3H 3M 1FF 3HO 2.1

Stats: 11K 16H 5M 1FF 0.1

Stats: 28K 5H 12M 2FF

Stats: 11K 5H 1M 1FF 1FA 1.2

* = 2009 WA U18 Academy squad members

Stats courtesy of http://www.wafootball.com.au/wafl/match-day-stats

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