WAFL Round 4 Wrap

East Fremantle vs Claremont

Brad Sheppard

Started off the game well with 4 possessions in the first quarter off a HBF including a well weighted pass to a diving Kennedy I50 (score assist) and a 65m+ territory gaining play off HB. He initiated a few plays off HB with some short passes into the corridor and produced a impressive piercing 40m run through the corridor off CHB maintaining a gap from a chasing Stevenson (WCE listed rookie who is very quick) which didn’t give him time to steady and the resulting delivery I50 didn’t match the quality of the run over the heads of the intended targets into space. He had a running shot on goal from 45m (made the distance easily) straight in front for a behind in the 3rd and had an opportunity later in that quarter with a similar opportunity presented and plenty of space in front of him, but chose to set it up to the 2-2 contest deep inside 50m instead. It was encouraging to see him get involved several times late in the last quarter when Claremont were mounting a comeback particularly his mark on the wing backing back, outnumbered 1-2, where he was then gifted a 50m penalty which sent him to 65m - his stab pass was a bit too hot for Staker (but he cut off the resulting rebound again on the wing this time unopposed). He was pushed off the ball a few times without losing footing (still appears very thin through the body, particularly his legs – something that can be worked on) and ran himself into trouble once or twice (had trouble bouncing the ball on a seemingly dead turf as did a few of the quicker players like Kyanga, Staker and Swift on that day), but overall I was impressed with his performance – particularly his line breaking pace, willingness to provide creative run off HB, sensible decision making and clean penetrating disposal by foot and expect him to be one of the big movers between today and draft day if he continues his improvement – HBF that have pace, good decision making skills and dispose well with penetration by foot are becoming more and more valuable these days.

Stats: 13K, 2H, 6M, 1FF, 2FA, 4I50, 0.1


Kane Lucas

He had a productive start to the game on the stat sheet with 6 disposals in the 1st quarter off a HFF - however without significant impact, many were rushed under significant contested pressure, part of circle work and general link in the chain disposals – he did show clean hands, but his ball use in traffic while OK didn’t stand out. He was quieter in the 2nd quarter with 3 dipsosals – including a high risk, but very nice executed deft pass to CHF with no options I50. He only had the 3 disposals in the 2nd half, including 1I50 to a contest 30m out after receiving a Staker handpass of the edge of a LHFF stoppage. Not the most flattering performance for WA’s highest profile U18 this year - he was exposed for strength a few times over the ball/in tackles and his attack on the ball/man was a bit loose on occasions – when he adapts to senior football better over the season, improves his match fitness so he’s able to find more space his performances should only improve. I’d like to see him use his pace and running ability work into space more often (like Sheppard did) which would allow him to better use his skillset and have more impact on the game.

Stats: 5K, 7H, 4M, 2FF, 1I50


Anthony Kyanga

A bit of everything from Kyanga – the good, bad and ugly, but exciting at all times. He started the game on a HFF with a frenetic buzz - 3 disposals in the opening passage off play - an excellent take on the bounce at pace hands off to Staker, got it back then 1-2ed with Houlihan to free up space and send it back to a loose Sheppard in the centre who delivered I50. He was stepped around a couple of times (by Swift twice no less) and dropped a few fairly regulation marks throughout the game which occasionally let the opposition back into the contest, but didn’t let it affect him, putting his head down and showing good endeavour to keep pressuring and attempt to win the ball back. One such opportunity came in the 2nd quarter where received a 50m penalty which put him at point blank range, however he diabolically kicked the ball into the man standing on the mark resulting in a behind and one of the biggest bloopers you'll see on a footy field. He recovered by kicking an excellent goal in the 3rd with the ball put in front of him to run onto in space, then sidestepping the defender in front of him (who fell to ground) and slotting it through the middle from close range. He had a similar opportunity late in the same quarter, but missed to the left from 35m slight angle (he had more space to run into, but didn’t want to risk it with his first bounce not coming back to him as desired and an opponent chasing). His continuous pressure on the ball carrier resulted in 5 tackles and 3 free kicks for (HTB/OOTF) along with a couple more due to his sheer pace to get to the footy first. His disposal was tidy despite his kicking still significantly lacks power and penetration, his short pass weighting was good and he showed he can use his left foot effectively under some pressure and hit up a target (which he did twice). In the end he sealed the game with a terrific goal from the boundary after having the ball put in front of him to run onto and with I50. Although he is still very small and skinny, he’s balance is generally sound and he looks to have added some bulk over the off-season. A chance of rookie spot if he can maintain a good consistent level form at WAFL level while producing some big games.

Stats: 13K, 2H, 2M, 4FF, 1FA, 5I50, 2.2


Claremont Colts

Stats: 14K, 14H, 5M, 1FF, 2FA, 7I50, 0.2

Stats: 17K, 8H, 3M, 1FF, 1FA, 2I50

Stats: 19K, 5H, 4M, 1HO, 1FF, 1FA, 6I50, 0.3

Stats: 13K, 10H, 11M, 9I50, 1.1

Stats: 17K, 5H, 9M, 2FF, 1FA, 9I50, 5.2

Stats: 9K, 5H, 2M, 4FA, 3I50, 3.2

Peel vs East Perth


Anthony Morabito

Quiet first quarter in wet and gloomy conditions – only touched it a couple of times and had a shot on goal – ball wasn’t presented well to him more than a few times when free by his teammates. More involved 2nd quarter, kicked a behind (snap in the FP), dropped a regulation mark, but broke through the tackle and nailed a short pass, kicked a nice running goal from 40ish after forgetting the turf was wet/slippery and fluffing the bounce . Had about 6 disposals in the 3rd quarter, but they lacked much impact, while some gained territory and a few sent I50, many of them scrappy kicks/mongrel punts (excusable in the poor conditions). Had a similar amount of possessions in the last quarter, but with better impact – including a powerful run through middle of the ground followed by an accurate RF kick that hit his teammate, Robbins, on the chest I50 and a goal assist from a close range handball – effort/intensity/endeavour was particularly good late in the game. Overall a highly encouraging effort from a 190+ lad in challenging conditions.

Stats: 15K, 3H, 5M, 1HO, 4I50, 1.2

East Perth

Mark Hutchings

Quiet first quarter – only touching it once - didn’t seem to have much TOG? Got to the footy much more often in the 2nd quarter with 7 touches in the 2nd quarter - including plenty clean handballs in congested/stoppage plays. Started on the bench and quiet in the 3rd hard to recall him getting more than a few clean possessions. Got involved late in the last quarter with a number of possessions late – kick touched on mark and ran with the footy. Either he’s carrying an injury or East Perth are preparing him for a big carnival, because he hasn’t been given much TOG in the last few weeks.

Stats: 6K, 7H, 2M, 2FA, 2I50

Peel Colts

East Perth Colts

J.Del Borello
Stats: 26K, 9H, 10M, 1FA, 8I50

Stats: 17K, 11H, 2I50

Stats: 10K, 14H, 4M, 1FF, 1FA, 1.0

Stats: 15K, 8H, 12M, 1FF, 1FA, 3I50, 1.0

Stats: 14K, 6H, 9M, 1FF, 6I50, 1.2

Subiaco vs South Fremantle

South Fremantle

Stats: 8K, 4H, 3M, 2I50, 2.2

South Fremantle Colts

Stats: 15K, 5H, 4M, 1FA, 5I50, 1.2

Stats: 9K, 8H, 8M, 1HO, 1FA, 1I50, 2.1

13K, 3H, 5M, 20HO, 2FF, 3FA, 2I50, 0.5

11K, 3H, 5M, 1HO, 1FF, 3FA, 3I50, 3.2

Subiaco Colts

Stats: 10K, 11H, 3M, 3HO, 1FF, 1FA, 3I50, 2.0

Stats: 8K, 4H, 3M, 1FF, 1FA, 4.1

Perth vs Swan Districts

Swan Districts

Stats: 15K, 2H, 5M, 2I50, 1.0

Perth Colts

Stats: 13K, 18H, 4M, 1FF, 1FA, 1I50, 1.1

Stats: 18K, 11H, 4M, 1HO, 2FF, 1FA, 8I50, 2.1

Stats: 17K, 6H, 10M, 3FF, 1I50

Stats: 15K, 5H, 5M, 1HO, 1FF, 2FA, 6I50, 1.0

Stats: 13K, 4H, 5M, 25HO, 1FF, 2FA, 1I50, 1.0

Stats: 13K, 2H, 7M, 2I50, 3.4

Swan Districts Colts

Stats: 17K, 15H, 3M, 1HO, 3FF, 2FA, 5I50, 1.0

Stats: 14K, 15H, 5M, 1FF, 2FA, 4I50

Stats: 20K, 5H, 12M, 2HO, 2I50, 2.0

Stats: 12K, 9H, 4M, 1HO, 2FF, 4FA, 5I50, 1.0

Stats courtesy of http://www.wafootball.com.au/wafl/match-day-stats

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