Stephen Hill (West Perth/WA) - Draft Profile

Height: 183.7cm

Weight: 68.9kg

Style: Outside midfielder/stopgap medium utility (all flanks and pockets or tagging roles)

Preferred Foot: Left

Potential: 8-8.5/10


> Elite all-round athleticism – elite line-breaking pace (2.83s 20m – glides over the turf) and COD (broke record at DC) - and very good vertical jump and endurance both testing/natural and mental/on-field in his ability to push himself the extra mile.

> Outstanding team ethic, competitiveness and intensity – highly accountable of direct opponent (tagged big names in the 2008 U18 championships and kept them quiet inc. Hartlett and Scully along with Rich and Yarran at WAFL level) and does all the 1%ers, repeat efforts, chasing, tackling, courageous acts – you name it, he does it.

> Excellent user of the footy by both hand and foot – by foot – left foot, highly efficient, silky smooth action, kicks lack power due to lack of strength but will improve, very good ball rotation, ability to penetrate beyond 50m and with serious hurt factor when he does, good DM, has a right if needed, but rarely used – by hand – quick, good power control and excellent vision/DM under pressure/in traffic (room to improve efficiency with feeds)

> Has time with the football – his ability to dance on the spot buys him valuable seconds (seriously light on his feet)

> Very good OH/aerial presence – plays and looks taller than listed height - very long telescopic arms give him a significant reach advantage over opponent’s heads

> Very clean hands below the knees and ability to control the footy too

> Effective tackler

> Versatile – can play midfield (outside/wing, tagger or inside), BP/HBF stopper and/or rebounder and high HFF


> Not a big ball winner – rarely (if ever) wins over 20 possessions

> Not a natural ball winner at stoppages (see reactive style) – he has been tagging though, which doesn’t allow you to play proactively

> Very skinny and lacks a natural power to his game - however broad shouldered frame – should fill out?


> Plays a reactive style - uses his direct opponent to get to the play and works off him – very, very effective at doing this – knows when to leave his man and when to stick to him

> Didn’t play U16 Nationals and narrowly missed out on U18 Nationals in 2007

> Acquitted himself well at WAFL level – did some very good things, but at times looked out of his depth (mainly due to lack of size/strength)

> Shy/introverted personality


Hill has a range of very attractive attributes for the modern game and against contrary opinion is a very safe, low risk selection with very good upside. I can’t see him reaching the elite bracket in the AFL (may get close), but he should nevertheless be a highly valuable player for his club that can play any role the coach gives him and do it very well.

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