Clancee Pearce (Swan Districts/WA) - Draft Profile

Height: 182.3cm
Weight: 89.8kg
Style: Outside/inside rebounding small defensive general HBF
Preferred Foot: Right
Potential: 6.5-8/10


> Very good play reader – adept at cutting off attacks
> Efficient and often damaging user by foot – right foot, low, close to body ball drop, kicks around the body in an arch – however low trajectory, penetrating, powerful balls with good control that can carry 60m+ on occassions – needs space and time to be most damaging as his action results in fairly long load time
> Provides excellent drive off HB - often gains very good territory (70-80m player)
> Sound user by hand – good power and generally clean feeder – clever exponent of looping HB
> Decision making, awareness and composure – excellent – cool head, consistently good DM that never rushes into making rash decisions and always search for options, very good at dancing on the spot to buy more space and time
> Clean ball handling at ground level
> Very good work-ethic and competitiveness – always puts in a tremendous effort and very much a team orientated player - accountable to his direct opponent, but will also peel off to help others out as a 3rd man up, does all the 1%ers and chasing (although is not quick enough to chase players down), plenty of courage and desperation
> Hard hitting and effective tackler in close
> Very consistent – both throughout a game and game by game – never seen him turn in a bad performance this year
> AFL ready – took to WAFL footy like a duck to water late in the season, but will still need to prove he can handle the increased pace of AFL
> Physically strong (particularly the lower body) and well balanced
> Good all-round ball winner and ball magnet – capable of winning the ball both outside and inside contests and frequently racked up 20+ possession games at the U18 championships and in colts games.
> Good OH for his height – reads flight well, attacks his marks, holds his position well – also a very effective spoiler


> Very one-sided – non existent left foot – frequently turns it over when forced onto that side
> Highly unconventional kicking technique (see comments above)
> Athleticism – generally lacks pace (though at times does show better than expected pace), explosiveness and doesn’t have the engine to play for prolonged periods up the ground
> Lacks versatility – has versatility at lower levels, but BP/HBF is the only position I can see him suited to at AFL (if his pace improves he could play a role off a wing).


> Poor skinfolds at 2008 DC – if he can lower to acceptable AFL level (40mm) then he should see good improvements in athleticism


Pearce has just about all the attributes you’d want in a small defensive prospect apart from pace. I’m confident enough this can be improved under an AFL diet and training regime and we’ll see him become a consistent and valuable player for his club off the backline.

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