Tyrone Vickery (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Height: 200.0cm
Weight: 88.8kg
Preferred foot: Right
Playing Style: pinch hitting inside mobile ruckman/marking KPF combo

Potential: 7.5-8.5/10


> Very good speed and evasiveness for his size – speed showed up at DC, but agility didn’t

> Hard at the footy – puts his head over it and has very good HBG winning ability for his size

> Strong and highly effective tackler (rarely do they get past him – very good defensive agility) with good defensive ethic – chases and shepherds well

> Very mobile, well co-ordinated (graceful mover) and very clean off the deck with his hands

Good recovery/2nd efforts and intensity

> Very good feeding ability in traffic – elite by hand - very good power (likes the long Polly farmer handball) and precision in his handballs and deceptive (good hurt factor too) - excellent vision, poise and decision making and very good at protecting the footy and getting his hands free

> Courageous – goes back with the flight blindly

Directs taps very well to zones and players adv – issue is getting his hand to it more often – needs to time leap better.

> Bodywork is good in throw in contests.

> Sound aerially –safe hands overhead and is a good spoiler – leaps at the ball - big buckets – top 10 handspan at DC

> Notably well developed for an U18 ruck – father S&C coach at Richmond and year off looks like it helped


> Terrible engine – unlikely to ever be more than a burst player in the ruck or a CHF – low 11s beep test and low 13 min 3km

> Below average vertical leap (effect from ACL injury?) along with occasionally poor leap timing in the ruck and at a reach disadvantage for his height


> Kicking is about average for his size– lacks hurt factor – too much hang time on his kicks, action is very rigid

> Wins a decent amount of possessions considering how poor his engine is – good upside when he improves his engine

> Excellent 2008 form – considering he was coming back from a knee reco in 2008 makes even more remarkable


He could make AFL in a variety of roles IMO – he has the skillset to play as a mobile ruckman or a 2nd key forward or even key defender. I think a ruck/forward combo is the most likely – don’t expect him to be an big hitout winning ruckman, but he’ll provide more than enough value at stoppages with his work at ground level. I’m wary of his lack of engine and if there wasn’t that doubt I’d be much more confident he could be an excellent AFL player – as it is he risks being one of those types that can impact early, but will drop off significantly as the game wears on. I’d be happy to use a mid-late first rounder on him.

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