Nick Suban (Nth Ballarat Rebels/Vic Country) - Draft Profile

Height: 180.2cm

Weight: 83.2kg
Preferred foot: Left
Playing Style: quarterback HBF/Outside/Inside midfielder

Potential: 7.5-8/10


> Very good ethic – highly competitive - team player – asked to play BP on Yarran vs WA and nullified him – stuck to him like glue

> Good spoiler

> Hard at the footy

> Very good footskills – LF but has a RF if needed – accurate (often laser-like), low trajectory, good DM/vision and very good penetration

> Very good vision

> Strong bodied, contests the footy very well 1-1 and very well balanced

> Footy smart – very good positioning and is a genuine ball magnet

> Clean ball handling off the ground

> Decent overhead for his size – reads the flight well and has a big reach advantage for his height

> Highly credentialed – high level of production - VC best player has won quite a few awards at


> Sub 180cm

> Looks like he lacks a yard of pace on-field (although lateral movement/agility is fine) – but tested better than expected and good scope to improve as skinfolds are very high

> Bodyshape - turned up with the highest skinfolds at 2008 DC

> Not a routinely efficient tackler (quite a few tend to slip past him, not through lack of effort, more technique wise – has a tendency to tackle above the hips)


> Inside/clearance ability doesn’t stand out and I don’t find him routinely reliable or damaging by hand in congestion – could play stints in the midfield, but I don’t expect him to be outstanding enough to be a ‘full time’ midfielder

> Needs to be fed to be most effective


Suban is one of the safer bets of this draft. I’m confident he’ll be at least a solid defensive quarterback that launches attacks off HBF with his well tuned left foot, but I wouldn’t be drafting him with the intention of making him a midfielder – although most seem to think his midfield potential is much better than I do. I think he’s worth an early 2nd rounder – possibly very late 1st round at a stretch.

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