Shaun McKernan (Calder Cannons/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Height: 196.0cm
Weight: 94.3kg
Preferred foot: Right
Playing Style: Floating KPP/undersized ruckman

Potential: 6.5-8.5/10


> Good tackling in close

> Excellent power athlete – elite pace, evasive sklls and VJ for his size – moves like a gazelle over the ground, more agile than most small men

> Excellent tap ruckman – when he gets his hands on it consistently directs to his teams midfielders

> Terrific pack mark – uses his vertical leap to full effect – likes to make it spectacular – good at dropping back in the hole at CHB to take the grab

> Clean hands off the deck

> Likes the big stage

> Likes to throw around his weight – crash packs

> Well built – close to AFL ready build for a KPP


> Can be a bit cumbersome –gives away a lot of needless frees – likely to have the coach tearing his hair out a few times each game

> Poor kick – kicks around the footy, takes his supporting hand off very early, shanks a lot of kicks, poor DM.

> Tweener – played most his footy in the ruck but won’t be tall enough to be a no. 1 ruck at AFL

> Plays on his own terms - not a team player

> Mixed bag intensity wise

> What position at AFL? – has the attributes to play any key position, but none standout


McKernan is a hard one to assess – he could go the full range from dud to top 5 player at his club. He has some very likeable qualities and at times it seems like he could easily be a star. I’m not sure what capacity he’ll make it in as an AFL player – he’s played most his juniors as a ruckman, but he’ll likely be too short for a no.1 ruckman and I’m not sure which KP he could hold down consistently, despite having attributes to hold down any - perhaps a swingman? There is more bust potential with him than the other highly rated prospects. Worth looking at late 1st round and good value for 2nd round.

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