Ashley Smith (Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Preferred foot: Right/Dual Sided
Playing Style: Outside/predator flanker/midfielder

Potential: 6.5-8/10


- Lightning quick/explosive athletic qualities – 2.80s at draft camp (1st at 2008 DC and fastest non indigenous player in DC history), 25.14s repeat sprint (5th at 2008 DC), 67cm vertical jump (=7th at 2008 DC) and a handy sidestep
- Long penetrating kick – comfortable using both sides, 60m+ of the right, excellent power, penetration and trajectory– prefers to send it as long as possible as often as possible, but is capable of widening his vision and spotting up the short targets inside too. Can kick long goals from beyond 55m . Steady/balanced when he kicks and accuracy is sound. Sound user by hand – good power and quickness
- High hurt factor – doesn’t need many possessions to have an impact e.g. in his U18 championships game against Vic Metro he had less than 15 but 3 score assists.
- Playmaker – loves to get it in space, take on opponents and create - backs his pace and can be a 80m+ player off half back
- Zoning off/dropping back to cut off an opposition attack by taking the relieving defensive mark
- Versatile – can play on almost any line, but doesn’t have the skillset in traffic to be an effective inside clearance player – best suited to a loose HBF/wing role
- Clean hands both aerially and below the knees
- Reach advantage for his height
- Broad shouldered and already a very strong build – definite AFL/AFL ready - would like to see him use it more...


- Enigmatic – occasionally shies away from contact/produces lacklustre efforts then at other times his courage and attack on the footy is very good throwing his head over the footy and backing back with the flight. Intensity isn’t consistently as high as you’d like to see...
- Accountability and 1-1 work aren’t his strong suit
- Average to below average endurance– mid to low 13s beep test and mid 11 minute 3km – not a gut busting runner on field

- Questionable character?


- Had some injury issues mid year which affected his preparation for the U18 championships (only played 3/5 games) and a bout of OP previously?
- Played in the APS for Haileybury College
- Very good track and field athlete (100m/200m/long jump/triple jump)


Smith has the ability to be amongst the most damaging HBF/wingmen in the competition that will be fantastic to watch when he has the ball in his hands, but could leave you and coaches frustrated at times when he doesn’t. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives and if the weaknesses will be minimised over the following years and we’ll see him develop into a valuable, long term contributor for his club.

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