Matthew Martin (West Adelaide/SA) - Draft Profile

Height: 191.2cm

Weight: 99.4kg

Preferred foot: Right

Style: Inside spoiling KPD

Potential: 6-8/10


> Elite spoiling ability – very powerful (don’t expect the ball to just trickle down for his opponent to collect it, it will be well away from trouble – kills off attacks) - very good at not interfering or giving away free kick

> Very good closing speed – generally trailing quite noticeably on the lead, but seems to get there to make the spoil consistently

> Very strong and well built –AFL ready build, but needs refining

> Good by foot – low trajectory, powerful kick with good control and weighting - powerful by hand – provides good drive from defence with his disposal

> Hard hitting tackler

> Good niggler – roughs opponents up, nudging them constantly off ball

> Strong contested grabber – single grab and has a real presence and asserts it

> Above average reach for his height and large handspan


> Lacks pace off the mark – but overall pace is no worse the Hurley’s (has better closing speed) – and has poor agility/turning circle (worst agility test at 2008 DC)

> Borderline size for AFL KPD (reach advantage helps)


> Generally clean with his ball control and gathers below the knees - without being excellent

> Skinfolds were high – would suggest good scope to improve athleticism under AFL training regime

> Average vertical leap


Martin has the ability. His lack of agility and pace off the mark does concern me and means he’ll be limited to the slower marking key forwards , but I think he has enough attributes to work with, he has the scope to develop into a very good FB at AFL level – at best in the Rutten mould. At worst his lack of athleticism will be shown up at AFL and he will be resigned to state league football for the rest of his days.

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