David Zaharakis (Northern Knights/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Height: 181.6cm
Weight: 71.9kg
Preferred foot: Right
Playing Style: Outside/Predator midfielder/running HFF

Potential: 7-8/10


> Quick, good evasiveness and well balanced - uses pace over short distances but doesn’t back himself to go on long runs anywhere near enough (top speed or confidence? – I’m guessing confidence)

> Good on-field ethic – routinely chases and provides defensive pressure, does 1%ers and has a sound impact – sound tackler

> Solid build - AFL Ready in his first season

> Solid leadership skills and positive character reports – hard worker/good off-field ethic

> Clean hands – rare fumbler even when collecting at pace

> Ability to slip forward for a goal


> Kicking lacks power and depth, longer kicks hang in the air, lacks penetration over 50m, often questionable under pressure (composure/DM tend to fall away)

> Quite outside – needs to be fed to be most effective – lacks the nous to be an effective inside midfielder- occasionally is too reactive

> Isn’t routinely clean with disposal by hand – often questionable under pressure

> Plays short – poor OH presence- reach disadvantage


> Well weighted passing, balanced and can use both feet – not a routinely excellent kick (needs to improve under pressure), but much improved from 2007 – hitting a lot more targets when given space

> Glanduar fever caused him to miss DC – appears to have lost a lot of weight?


Zaharakis is a solid player that despite his flaws would be a good shot to make it given how hard he has worked to improve his game since being passed up in 2007. At worst I think he’ll be a handy back-up player to have in the squad that will always be providing pressure to those in the team, while at best I think he could be a consistently good contributor off a wing for his side. I think a 2nd round pick would be fair value.

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