Bart McCulloch (Tasmania) - Draft Profile

Height: 198.9cm
Weight: 86.0kg
Preferred foot: Right
Style: Mobile undersized ruckman/pinch hitting leading KPF
Potential: 6-7.5/10


> Athletic – decent-good vertical leap, agility and pace (has natural confidence - likes to use his athleticism to take on players and break lines) – very good mover around the ground
> Clean hands below his knees and overhead – good high mark
> Can play both ruck and KPF
> Mobile around the ground


> Skinny and undersized for a ruck – solid competitor in the ruck at U18 level, but unlikely to cut it at AFL level (lacks technical skills and undersized) unless used for his mobility only to exposed other rucks around the ground ala Simmonds
> Tweener – NQR for ruck or KPP
> Lacks footy smarts and is not a big ball winner
> Kicking lacks power and penetration – overall is an average kick for a player his height


> Seems to kick a lot of cheap goals receiving the handball streaming into open goals – unusual for a KPF to be doing so
> Excellent skinfolds


McCulloch is a classic tweener – too short for an AFL ruck and NQR for a key position. Best case is he ends up like Troy Simmonds who’s found his mark as an undersized mobile ruckman. Well suited to a rookie pick if available.

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