Ben Jacobs (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

186/82 outside rebounding defender/utility
Capable of sustaining a ranking of 10-20 within an AFL list
Style like Ben Johnson/Nathan Lonie

Selling points are his football smarts and ball winning skills

Disposal is decent but not as good as touted he is prone to inexplicably turning it over (moreso due to poor decision making rather than execution).

Predominantly left sided, but capable of using his right foot to get him out of trouble (kick around the body). Capable of good depth but lacks a bit of sting.

Prepared to put his head over the ball and win his own ball although is naturally a receiver.

Decision making is generally sound, but as stated somewhat unreliable as he is prone to the odd brain fade.

Pace and endurance looks OK – has put a lot of work into improving both aspects over the past pre-season it seems, particularly from leaning down after many recruiters were concerned over his body shape.

Queries over his lack of awareness.

2010 AA U18

I liked him more last year, but he hasn’t kicked on as much this year as I would’ve expected.

I think he has the potential to be a good solid medium rebounding half back that could perhaps push up into a midfield role and pinch hit as a forward at times – although something doesn’t sit completely right with me about him.

I expect him to be very good at state league level and should get a good amount of AFL action next year at the right club and have a sound impact at least - probably about 4-5kg away from his ideal playing weight, which should take 2 good pre-seasons to achieve.

2010 U18 Championships (5 games) 29D, 5M, 0.4G
2010 TAC Cup (5 games, 4 bests) 27D, 4M, 3T, 3G, 1B
2009 TAC Cup (3 games, 2 bests) 25D, 6M, 3T, 1G, 1B

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