Harley Bennell (Peel/WA) - Draft Profile

Bottom-age 180/70 outside-in utility
Capable sustaining ranking of  2-5 on an AFL list
Similar style to Daniel Wells   

Selling points are his uncanny ball control/handling, pace and ball carrying, all-round smarts and quick left field thinking, X-factor and flair, quick hands, neat ball use

Can provide some good moments of defensive pressure and harassing, but needs to develop more consistency with efforts

Queries over work-rate - Guthrie smashed him with his tag in the last game of the U18C.

Interesting to note he wasn’t in 2008 WA U16 squad - said to be a bit of a late bloomer.

Should be a very good dynamic outside-in midfielder in time with game breaking potential.

Not quite physically ready (needs about 8-10kg to be his ideal playing weight), but will get games almost straight off the bat because of how smart and skilled he is - I suspect he will show flashes early that make you go ‘wow’ but could somewhat inconsistent early until he builds up his body and engine.

AIS, 2009 WAFL colts TOTY (HBF), R/U 2009 JC Medal, R/U 2009 Peel Colts B&F, 2010 Larke Medal, 2010 AA U18

2010 U18C (5 games) 19.6D, 2M, 2.8G
2009 WAFL League (1 game) 19D 2M 2G 1B
2010 WAFL League (12 games) 16D 3M 1G 1B

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