Jason Tutt (NSW/ACT) – Draft Profile

Height: 177cm

Weight: 72kg

Position: BP/HBF

Style: Chris Newman

Potential: 6-7.5/10


> Very good user by foot – good-very good depth, low trajectory, decent-good accuracy/weighting, reliable - right footed but can use both sides effectively –

> Makes good decisions by hand and foot

> Very good-excellent all-round athleticism - good pace off the mark (very good over distance) and a capable line breaker - likes to go for a run off HB and kick long – prolific rebounder – excellent running capacity (high 14s beep test) in testing would suggest he has the potential to move into a midfield role

> Clean hands at ground level

> Good attack on the ball

> Very good work rate/ethic and a strong and prolific tackler


> Sub 180cm is a concern, particularly when you’re playing most your football in defence – however is at a reach advantage for his height (~3cm reach advantage)


2009 U18 Championships Stats

2009 TAC Cup Stats


Tutt is a good small defender prospect. At worst he should be a good depth player, at best he could be a valuable small defender at AFL that can clear zones with his long kicking and set up forwards thrusts. Worth a 3rd round pick IMO, but seems to be considered more of a rookie prospect.

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