Jack Hutchins (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro) – Draft Profile

Height: 191cm

Weight: 87kg

Position: Tall Defender (KPD or 3rd tall)

Potential: 7.5-8/10

Style: Tayte Pears?


> Good strength in contested situations – good attack on the footy and a strong contested grab

> Very athletic - very quick off the mark and over distance and has a big vertical leap – provides good run out of defence and is a genuine line-breaker at full flight

> Effective and strong spoiler

> Good play reader


> Kicking reliability is a concern – too many clangers from poor execution (decision making seems fine) – technically needs refining (seems to fall over his kicks)


> 18dpg at TAC cup level over 3 games in 2009

> Outstanding junior swimmer

> Played 2 games at the 2009 U18 championships


2009 TAC Cup Stats


Hutchins is a promising tall defensive prospect. He would’ve been a likely early 2nd round prospect this year.

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