Ben Sinclair (Vic Metro) – Draft Profile

Height: 181cm

Weight: 69kg

Position: Midfield/Utility

Potential: 5-7/10

Strengths: Good athletic package (very quick off the mark with very good closing speed, very agile, decent leap) – loves to take the game on with his run and carry, strong minded with a very good defensive work-ethic, very good attack on the ball and man

Weaknesses: Poor fitness/running capacity/inconsistent within games (only seems able to play in bursts), kicking lacks penetration and hurt factor, needs more size and strength,

Other: OK DM ability, unsure what role he’ll fit well into at AFL? Most likely a defensive role - maybe small defender, defensive forward or tagger?

Overall: Sinclair is a tough small player with good athleticism. At worst he won’t fire too many shots, at best he could be a solid AFL player IMO most likely as a small defender. He is most likely a rookie selection.

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  1. Would you please Make a Video Package of Him Please