Byron Sumner (Woodville West Torrens/SA) - Video Footage

Byron Sumner vs Vic Metro - 2009 AFL U18 Championships


  1. hi im ray sumner byron's uncle not bragging but the lad wiil win a brownlow he is that god its not funny give him an inch and he will dominate but needs other players to look up and see him making space he is always in the clear but to may cheifs not enough indians he gets his own ball cause nobody gives to him and that is a teams downfall always look u have time!!! byron or as we call him(b.d.) is a leader a chris judd type of player who is a guy who will save his team at all costs an will not finish untill the job is done i say this in confidence of all young players and to the selfish ones ur not there for the team but for yourselves but goodluck i encourage all young footballers to seek thier dreams if your lucky your a role model for other young kids to follow.thanks.

  2. BD is a living legend believe me...from(The Real Blak Superman).