Aaron Black (Peel/WA) – Draft Profile

Height: 192cm

Weight: 82kg

Preferred foot: Right/Dual Sided

Position: Tall Utility KPP

Potential: 7.5-8.5/10

Style: smaller Kurt Tippett?


> Excellent leap and decent-good pace off the mark and over distance

> Excellent work ethic, competiveness and intensity – strong attack on the ball, puts his body on the line, will consistently present as a leading target, give repeat efforts, chase and apply defensive pressure on regular occasions

> Very good aerial presence (‘plays’ taller than 192cm) – excellent leap, significant reach advantage for his height – both give him a real advantage in the air

> Very mobile with clean hands and very good ball control at ground level

> Good user by hand – very quick reflexes/release and effective/clean use

> Very versatile football all-rounder – gets moved around into various roles in defence, ruck, midfield and forward within games – adapts to each role very well and quickly

> Good-very good overall decision maker that keeps the play flowing by moving forward quickly


No major concerns at this stage – IMO his game just needs fine-tuning in areas


> Testing suggests he needs to improve running capacity (high 12 beep test), but I wouldn’t have any concerns from watching him play – considering he will have very good scope for improvement in improving his running capacity as he hasn't had the same exposure to quantity/quality of football pre-seasons as most others this is a great positive given he is already a very hard worker on the field

> He seems to have a well developed game sense overall considering his football experience to date – has progressed very well in this area since earlier in the season - still needs finetuning in certain aspects (i.e. tends to get run under the ball by opponents in marking contests), but you would expect it to develop to an even higher level with more experience, coaching and conditioning at the elite level

> Decent field kick – dual sided, somewhat low trajectory - sound accuracy with good depth – reliability may need some improvement but not a concern - typically an accurate finisher in front of goal from set shot or general play

> Decent OH grab

> He seems to have a reasonably good frame that should fill out - probably needs at least another 10kg on him

> 19 year old – basketball background (considered as a US college level prospect?) – played for Eaton Boomers in the SWFL previously – 2009 was his 1st year in the WAFL football system

> 5th in Peel Thunder’s Colts B&F

> Averaged 13d, 4m and 2g over 16 games at colts and 17d and 5m at league level – keep in mind he has been thrown around in lots of different roles and hasn’t been able to settle into a position as yet

> Debuted at league late 2009 – 3 games, in the best twice (and as the best player for Peel on both occasions)


2009 WAFL Colts and League Stats


Black is a versatile, rangy tall prospect that has a wide and very good range of attributes with lots of development potential even though he is a 19 year old, as this is his first year in the WAFL system and he has only focused on football as a career as of this year. It’s hard to project what type of player he’ll develop into - at worst I think he’ll still be a very serviceable best XXII tall utility/KP player to a team, at best he could be a top 50-100 AFL player as either a key forward or a genuine tall utility type player that can play at both ends and even off a wing – either way I think he is a safe bet of being a very valuable player for his team. It seems like he’ll go as a mid to late first round pick.

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