WAFL Wrap: Round 12

Subiaco vs Swan Districts


Trent Dennis Lane

Stats: 6K 2H 3M 3.0

Played in the forward pocket on Pratt and was very well held for the first 3 quarters with only 2 disposals (2/0), 2 marks in Q1, nothing in Q2 and 1 disposal (0/1) in Q3.

However, he had a dynamite last quarter (mostly a 10 minute burst) with and at the end of the day was the match winner for Subiaco with 5 disposals (4/1), 1 mark, 3 goals (first after working his fumbly opponent, Pratt, off the ball, gathering the spill cutting back in and snapping from close range SIF, second after gathering an airborne ball after a Chick knock-on and again snapping from close range and the third after crumbing a spill from a large goal square pack and snapping truly) and 2 goal assists (the first an UC OH grab on the HFF after getting a break on his opponent and a give off to a running Read and the second after gathering the spill from the back of the contest and showing good vision to square up pass to Hildebrandt under pressure).

He showed very good goal sense and crumbing ability, evasiveness, uncanny awareness, smarts and positioning to consistently find himself in the right place at the right time in the last 1/4. Although he was missing for all but 1 quarter (or really 10 minutes) it was nevertheless hugely encouraging to see how much he can impact a game in a short burst of football and turn a game of football almost of his own boot.
With the popularity of small crumbing forwards on the rise, at this stage he seems a certain rookie at least and possibly sneak in as a mid-late draft choice if he can keep up his current form as a top 3 goal kicker in the WAFL.


Swan Districts

Lewis Jetta

Stats: 14K 2H 5M 11T 5I50

Started Q1 on the wing and was opposed to Broadhurst early and Horsley/Hildebrandt at later stages (all very good WAFL players and all comfortably had the better off him head to head). He struggled to find the footy early with only 1 disposal in the first quarter, but his defensive pressure in general play was good with 3 tackles.

He was moved onto a HFF in the 2nd quarter (minded by Keevers for the rest of the game) and got more involved in the action with 5 disposal (5/0) 2 marks, 1I50 and 2 tackles .

He built on this further in the 3rd quarter, which was his best for the game. He continued to play across HF and added a further 6 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles and 2 I50s and 1 goal assist in an excellent passage of play where he chased down and tackled the Subiaco ball carrier () collected the spill with 1 hand gave off a defensive handball, stayed involved in the play to collect another spill and sent an very good long pass I50 to Tim Geapan.

He added 4 kicks, 1 mark, 2 tackles and 2I50s in the last (one of which should’ve been at least a SA but was duly kicked OOTF by Roberts, after Jetta put his head over and won a ball in dispute then spun around and passed short onto his chest ).

His electric pace and evasiveness, clean ball handling/control, sharp footskills over short-medium range (particularly when passing I50) were again all on show today. His defensive pressure was particularly outstanding as 11 tackles would suggest and the intensity of his chasing efforts was as good as I’ve seen from him. The effectiveness of his tackles is a weakness ATM due to his lack of overall strength and habit of reaching with the arms to tackle rather than committing the whole body to the tackle.


Travis Casserly

Stats: 11K 7H 5M 4T 2I50

Started Q1 and spent the majority of the game in his usual role as a rebounding defender (unsure of opponent?) and had 4 disposals (3/1), 1 mark and 1 tackle.

He had much greater output in the 2nd with 8 disposals (5/3), 4 marks and 1I50 providing some good rebound out of defence.

He was quiet in the 3rd with only the 3 disposals (2/1) and 1I50 and likewise in the last (moved onto the wing to start on Horsley, then into the midfeld on Bristow and back into defence) with again only the 3 disposals (1/2) and most opponents shading him.
He showed good dash out of defence on several occasions often coupled with his long and accurate footskills.

Although 22 and having spent 3 seasons on an AFL list he is still physically very underdeveloped.
I would think he’d be one that would be in line for at least a rookie position if he can build upon current form, as with his pace and long footskills increasingly valuable commodities with the popularity midfield zone defences.


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