WAFL Round 7 Wrap

West Perth vs Swan Districts

Swan Districts League

Lewis Jetta
Stats: 13K 5H 1M 3I50 1.1 (5th best)

Swan Districts Colts (statistical standouts - BEST players unavailable):

Clint Garlett*
Stats: 6K 15H 1I50

Stats: 17K 3H 9M 1FA 3I50

Adam McKinlay
Stats: 13K 6H 9M 2FA 3I50 5.0

Stats: 5K 5H 1M 8HO 1FA 3.1

West Perth Colts vs Swan Districts Colts

West Perth Colts
(statistical standouts - BEST players unavailable):

Aaron Black*
Stats: 18K 7H 8M 3FF 1FA 2I50 1.0

Stats: 13K 10H 4M 1FA 3I50 1.1

Jack Darling*
Stats: 12K 10H 5M 3Ho 5FF 1FA 3I50 3.2

Josh Donaldson*
Stats: 13K 3H 6M 27HO 1FF 2FA 3I50 1.0

Stats: 13K 7H 5M 2I50 1.0

Stats: 9K 5H 3M 2FF 3I50 4.1

Claremont vs Peel

Claremont League

Jarrod Ninyette - 22 year old small utility making his debut for Claremont League team after winning the Sunday Football League (now defunct) best and fairest playing for Gosnells FC . Previously had played colts for South Fremantle in 2004 and 2005 and was part of the initial 2005 WA U18 squad before being cut from the final squad.

Played mainly as a FP/highish HFF - he started the game off in slow fashion playing with only 5 disposals in the opening half (2 in the 1st, 3 in the 2nd) whist also giving away 2 free kicks (1 for a high tackle, the other a 50m penalty after playing on after the mark – somewhat unlucky).

However it was his 2nd half that stole the show with 6 goals (3 in the third and 3 in the last) 2 behinds, a goal assist (created an aerial contest on the wing going to ground then proceeded to swoop the crumbs of an aerial contest further down the flank sidestepping one and weighted a flattish drop punt lacking in power well to the leading Jones who marked OH), hands in a few other goals and 3 clearances.

His first goal came after an errant kickout to the back pocket which he swooped on the bounce controlling the ball and steadying from a tight angle 15-20m out, his second from a set shot a few metres out after dropping back into space towards the goals and receiving an advantageous pass from Murphy, his third after winning a contested ball at ground level clearing a HB to Richardson and then running on to receive the HB again from Blackwell and slot through a simple goal from close range, fourth after roving a pack spill I50 and banana’ing of the outside of his right from close range without much angle, his fifth swooping (one touch at pace) on a loose throw-in that carried the contest steadying and snapping across his body from 25m-30m out and his sixth slipping behind his opponent and marking a high kick I50 (double grab) on his chest and slotting through the set shot from close range straight in front. He could’ve easily added another two - missing a close range banana (OOTF) after roving the spill of a team mate’s smother on the boundary and a shot from 40m from general play after he spoilt a kick at CHB and roved the spill only to put it just across the face.

He showed genuine football smarts, excellent pace, evasiveness, ball control, creativity and reflexes as well as good balance and attack on the football for such a slender build and He also showed very good recovery ability and persistence to stay involved and provide repeat efforts in a contest/passage of play.

Overall it was an outstanding game for a small forward let alone debut, playing a significant role in Claremont getting within after not letting the game completely blow out in the 3rd where Peel had the momentum (kicking 11 goals) and then contributing significantly to the come back from 47 points down at 3 quarter time to just a 4 point loss at the end. Certainly an interesting one to monitor for the rest of the season – if he can show good consistency and produce a few more outstanding performances he’d be a good chance for at least a rookie spot.


Stats: 13K 7H 2M 3FA 8I50 6.1 (1st best)

Peel League

Anthony Morabito*

Played mainly through the midfield with some time on the wing and briefly up forward i50.

He had 4 disposals and 2I50 (one of them creating a goal) in the opening term, whilst being sidelined for a period after a knock to the calf. He had a further 3 disposals in the 2nd quarter. The 3rd quarter was his standout, picking up 6-7 disposals, 3 tackles and 2 goals 1 (his first from a FF 50m penalty after winning a HTB decision with a wrap up tackle then having the ball thrown back at his face and comfortably slotting the resulting set shot from 40-45m out virtually straight in front and his second from a tackle and dispossession followed by a one bounce left foot kick on goal, his behind hit the inside of the post after swooping on a loose bouncing ball 25m out and dribbling a left foot screw kick on goal). He had 4 more disposals in the last and his only real mistake of the day and ‘too cute’ LF pass I50 which was turned over.

Throughout the game he showed a combination of explosive pace (most importantly confidence/willingness to use it and in potentially damaging situations – swooping on loose balls and trying to get out of and away from congestion/traffic), clean hands (often one touch, vacuum pick ups at pace), dual sided footskills, good core strength/balance (standing up in and getting a disposal away in numerous tackles) good work-rate and a relaxed linear set shot approach and kicking action.

Overall a very good performance from him having a positive impact with the large majority of his possessions - he looks to have adapted very well to league football, fits in as a valuable contributor to his team and seems to be improving with every league game he plays - if he continues this trend he’ll be pushing his name into top 5 and maybe even top 3 contention.


Stats: 14K 4H 4M 1HO 1FF 9I50 2.1

Claremont Colts vs Peel Colts

Claremont Colts (BEST players in order):

Stats: 12K 5H 3M 1FF 5I50 2.2

Stats: 9K 10H 2FF 3I50

Stats: 7K 2H 1FF 1FA 4I50 1.0

Stats: 9K 7H 2M 9HO 1FA 2I50 5.1

Stats: 10K 5H 9M 5HO 2FF 1.2

Peel Colts (BEST players in order):


Stats: 9K 10H 2M 2FF 4I50 1.0

Stats: 14K 10H 3M 3FF 1FA 5I50 3.2

Stats: 10K 6H 1M 1FF 2FA 2I50 4.2

Stats: 13K 7H 5M 2FF 4I50 1.0

Stats: 11K 10H 11M 1FF 1FA 1I50

East Fremantle vs Perth

East Fremantle

Anthony Kyanga
Stats: 6K 1H 2M 1FF 2I50 2.0

Brad Sheppard
Stats: 9K 1H 5M 1FA 3I50

East Fremantle Colts vs Perth Colts

East Fremantle Colts (BEST players in order):

Kane Lucas
Stats: 21K 10H 1M 1FA 2I50 1.0

David Swallow *
Stats: 11K 18H 5M 4FF 1FA 3I50 1.1

Alex Fasolo *
Stats: 22K 9H 10M 7I50 1.1

Luke Foster *
Stats: 9K 9H 7M 1FF 3I50 2.0

Stats: 14K 9H 7M 2I50 1.0

Fraser MacDougall*
Stats: 4H 2M 9HO

Perth Colts (BEST players in order):

Stats: 19K 6H 5M 1FF 1FA 6I50 2.0

Stats: 8K 2H 5M 1FF

Aaron Elari
Stats: 18K 15H 10M 2FF 7I50 3.1

Stats: 7K 4H 3M 3FF 1I50 5.2

Stats: 13K 9H 7M 2FA 5I50

Stats: 12K 7H 5M 1I50

East Perth vs South Fremantle

East Perth League

Trevor Oliver
Stats: 13K 8H 3M 1FF 1I50 (1st best)

Mark Hutchings
Stats: 7K 4H 8M 1I50

South Fremantle League

Corey Dell'olio
Stats: 7K 6H 2M 1FF 1FA 1I50 2.1

East Perth Colts vs South Fremantle Colts

East Perth Colts (BEST players in order - stats only given to half time)



James Delborrello

Mitch Duncan

South Fremantle Colts (BEST players in order)

Stats: 16K 6H 3M 6I50 2.0

Anthony Collica
Stats: 14K 8H 3M 6I50 2.0

Brandon Matera*
Stats: 22K 5H 2M 1Ho 1FF 2FA 8I50 5.1

Stats: 13K 4H 9M 1FA 3I50 0.2

Stats: 12K 5H 5M

* = 2009 WA U18 Academy squad members

Stats courtesy of http://www.wafootball.com.au/wafl/match-day-stats

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