Trading and List Management


All trading is officially done during trade week (spans from the Monday week after the AFL Grand Final to the Friday of the same week).

What can be traded:
> Any player including rookie listed player and first year players in contract – provided there is an agreement between the player and his current club
> Current national draft picks

What can’t be traded:
> Pre-season or Rookie draft picks
> Players that don’t agree to be traded

Clubs are able to trade picks without a player being involved e.g. in 2007 West Coast traded picks 30 and 35 to the Western Bulldogs for pick 22.

List Management

Main List

All clubs must have a full list of 38 players contracted (players on the veterans list and rookie list are excluded from this total). These players are eligible to play in any AFL game.

Veterans List

A player may be put on the veterans list if they are over the age of 30 and have played for 10 seasons at the club. A club may list upto 2 veterans – any additional nominated veterans will remain on the main list. When a player is moved to the veterans list he can’t be returned to the main list unless he is delisted and re-drafted by the club.

Nominated veterans (both on the main and veterans list) allow clubs salary cap relief to the amount of:

1 nominated veterans – 50% reduction each
2 nominated veterans - 50% reduction each
3 nominated veterans - 33% reduction each
4 nominated veterans – 25% reduction each

Rookie List

Clubs may list upto 8 rookies minus the number of players on the veterans list (i.e. 1 player on the veterans list = maximum 7 rookies allowed, 2 players on the veterans list = maximum 6 rookies allowed). Rookie players aren’t eligible to play in AFL games unless they are elevated to the senior list (replacing a retiree, long term injured main listed player or as one of upto 2 ‘nominated’ rookies minus the number of veteran listed players – i.e. 0 veteran listers = 2 nominated rookies allowed, 1 veteran lister = 1 nominated rookie allowed, 2 veteran listers = 0 nominated rookies allowed).

Rookies can be retained for 2 years and may be redrafted to the same club till no longer eligible to rookie listed. Any rookie that reaches 23 during a season, must be delisted at the end of that season (unless they are a mature aged rookie).

A club may also list one player who hasn’t played at AFL level (they are allowed to have previously been on an AFL list), over the age of 23 as a mature aged rookie amongst the 6-8 rookie spots available.

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