Round 5 WAFL Wrap

South Fremantle vs Claremont

South Fremantle

Cory Dell-olio – 19 year old small forward that played some league games for South’s last year (as well as colts and reserves) and have been hearing plenty of good things about him from WAFL/South Fremantle followers on BigFooty as well as a few of his games being statistical standouts.


Stats: 14K, 3H, 2M, 4FF, 4I50, 4.2

Claremont Colts vs South Fremantle Colts

Unfortunately there were no records available at the ground this week with the league fixture in Albany hopefully that doesn’t limit the details and accuracy of the report too much. I had the names and numbers of the WA U18 squad members with me, so I tried to follow those players games particularly closely.

Conditions were overcast, but no rain fell during the game. Claremont were noticeably a class above in their skills, pace and ball movement, but South’s didn’t help their cause by not playing tight enough on their direct opponents. The game rarely got out of their control, although the margin was around 3 goals for most of the game. My review of the players I focused on and/or impressed:

Claremont Colts:

#5 Travis Colyer* – seems on the short side (looked somewhere between 175-180cm at a very rough guess), but was one of the standout players in the first half oozing plenty of confidence and quality. He showed ability both outside and inside contests, very good pace off the mark (had one clean 30m break from a stoppage which he followed up by hitting up a target I50 IIRC), good lateral movement/balance, precise, powerful, low trajectory dual sided skills. He came off with an injury just before the half way point of the 3rd quarter (noticed him pulling up wincing slightly after a contest, clutching his arm) and it didn’t look like it was too serious at the time, but he didn’t take any further part.

Stats: 10K, 4H, 3M, 2FA, 3I50

#6 Ryan Neates* – pocket sized midfielder (appears low 170s cm), reminds me a bit of Steven Potente in stature/build) showed good pace on more than a few occasions, hard worker both ways and was consistent throughout the game, but his disposal left a bit to be desired.

Stats: 11K, 8H, 7M, 1FF, 1FA, 6I50

#8 Nicholas Winmar* – Medium long limbed flanker was given an invite to the WA SS last year (very bottom aged player – only made the cut by a few days). Moves like a dream – smooth, quick, very good laterally, however while he got a decent amount of the football, he didn’t win much of his own, his disposal was inconsistent, and his overall game lacked any hurt factor. Would like to see him proactively take the game on and use his pace to break lines.

Stats: 7K, 14H, 2M, 1HO, 3I50, 0.1

#14 Matt Davies - Played mainly as a medium sized rebounding HBF – South’s gave him too much latitude and he cut them up - Claremont Colts looked to use him as the exit option at almost every opportunity possible – he produced a number of piercing runs showing genuinely quick run and carry pace (getting big enough breaks to launch the ball I50 on several occasions), good decision making skills, creativity and was pinpointing, penetrating, low trajectory passes off his left boot. His defensive efforts were less impressive on a few occassions (although I’d like to watch him more closely in future games), however the drive and clean disposal he provided from defence was of great value.

Stats: 18K, 5H, 2M, 1FF, 5I50, 0.1

#16 Damien Crispin – Clontarf product - skinny medium-tall indigenous flanker. He spent quite a bit of time in ruck, clearly has a good leap, but didn’t get his hand to many due to his height disadvantage - no chance of rucking at higher levels. Showed good pace, lateral movement and clean ball handling and skills, but was too often left loose around the ground.

Stats: 8K, 7H, 9M, 3HO, 5I50, 2.1

#13 Sonny Dann / #18 Joel Coyne

I don’t want to wrongly identify these guys, both indigenous kids from Broome, medium height, one played primarily through the midfield and used his body well inside stoppages, showed very good vision and DM by hand in traffic on a number of occasions instigating clean quick ball movement from the stoppages, as well as showing good defensive ethic when the ball went the other way at stoppages. The other found space very well on the flanks and displayed good pace, lateral movement and silky skills. Hopefully I’ll have a record in hand next time I watch – so I can identify them with greater ease.

Stats: 10K, 6H, 4M, 2FA, 2I50, 2.1 (Dann)
Stats: 8K, 4H, 5M, 1FF, 1FA (Coyne)

#25 Gerrick Weedon* – Played in a variety of positions around the ground which highlighted his versatility. Started as a marking FF?. Overall I thought he was one of the BOG – he looks to be medium-tall in height, showed very good, fluid acceleration/pace, lateral movement and balance, good aerial presence, clean skills and excellent ball control and handling. Worked up the ground and spent periods in the backline as well as the midfield.

Stats: 9K, 9H, 3M, 1FF, 1FA, 4I50, 2.2

#27 Nick Kommer – tough, small defender that enjoys getting under his opponents skin. He was playing on Matera at the start IIRC, but rotated onto a few other guys during the game. Produced a couple of good dashes out of defence, but his finishing skills were a bit hit and miss.

Stats: 10K, 6H, 5M, 2FF


Stats: 16K, 9H, 13M, 1FA, 8I50, 0.2

South Fremantle Colts

#3 Brandon Matera* –Has had a good start to the season averaging close to 20+ disposals and close to 2 goals per game as a bottom aged (’92 birthdate), but had a very quiet day at the office on Saturday – played on most lines - wing, small periods through middle and some time in defence and as a small forward. He showed a few signs of his obvious talent – he started off the game in good fashion getting the first clean possession off the match on the edge of traffic, cutting back inside to release a creative overalapping handpass, kicked a quick snap goal after intercepting a spill 30-40m straight in front, had one or two good dashes off the flanks followed by bullet left foot passes - but was given very close attention by the opponents (and rightly so as on the few occasions he found space he did some damage) that rotated on him and really struggled to get into the game.

Stats: 8K, 4H, 1M, 1FF, 1FA, 1I50, 1.1

#4 Anthony Collica* – another pocket sized midfielder. Had quiet patches, but showed good ability inside traffic with clean feeds and good vision/DM when he did get. Needs to be getting it more than 20 times for the amount of GT he spent in the midfield.

Stats: 7K, 8H, 2M, 2FF, 3I50, 0.1

#18 Taylor Johnson – bottom aged (’92 birthdate), played mainly as a small forward I50. Looks quite small and appeared to lack a bit of pace off the mark, but create some opportunities I50 through his leading and opportunism around the goal front, but needed to convert better with the limited opportunities being presented by the midfield.

Stats: 9K, 3H, 5M, 1FA, 1.2

#23 Lloyd Skinner* – made an effort to look out for him, but was barely noticed in general play - seemed to spend a fair bit of time on the bench.

Stats: 2H, 10HO, 2FA

#25 Dylan Bairstow* – big lump of a lad - kicked a couple, but looks to lack mobility and athleticism.

Stats: 3K, 3H, 2M, 1HO, 2.0

Stats: 14K, 7H, 9M, 1FF, 7I50, 1.1
East Fremantle vs West Perth

East Fremantle

Brad Sheppard* (6th BEST)
Stats: 7K, 9H, 7M, 1FF, 1I50, 1.0

Kane Lucas*
Stats: 8K, 7H, 4M, 1FF, 2FA, 4I50

Anthony Kyanga
Stats: 12K, 2H, 4I50, 2.2

East Fremantle Colts (BEST PLAYERS in order):

Stats: 9K, 1H, 2M, 1I50

Stats: 12K, 11H, 6M, 2HO, 1FF, 5I50

Stats: 12K, 2H, 4M, 1FF, 1.0

Stats: 6K, 7H, 6M, 8HO, 1FF

Stats: 7K, 6H,

R Kennedy
Stats: 4K, 4H, 4M, 9HO, 2FA, 1I50, 3.1

West Perth Colts (BEST PLAYER in order):

Stats: 11K, 14H, 4M, 2FF, 4I50

Stats: 16K, 5H, 2M, 1FA, 4I50

Stats: 13K, 10H, 4M, 6I50, 1.0

Stats: 13K, 16H, 2M, 2FF, 1 FA, 0.1

Stats: 12K, 5H, 4M, 2FF, 1FA, 4I50, 2.0

Stats: 7K, 4H, 2FA
Peel vs Subiaco Peel

Anthony Morabito*
Stats: 11K, 4H, 3M, 3HO, 1FA, 5I50, 1.1

Peel (BEST PLAYERS in order):

B. Piggott
Stats: 10K, 5H, 3M, 1I50

K. Butcher
Stats: 13K, 7H, 4M, 1FF, 1FA, 5I50, 3.3

B. Wilson*
Stats: 9K, 13H, 5M, 1FF

D. McFarlane
Stats: 5K, 1H, 2M, 1FF, 2FA

Subiaco Colts (BEST PLAYERS in order)

Stats: 17H, 9H, 9M, 5I50, 3.2

Stats: 9K, 5H, 1M, 1FA

R. Prott
Stats: 6K, 9H, 3M, 2HO, 2FA, 3I50, 0.1

M. Prott
Stats: 12K, 8H, 4M, 4FF, 2FA, 2I50, 2.0

Stats: 13K, 5H, 3M, 2HO, 2FF, 1FA, 2I50, 2.3

C. Hoskins
Stats:11K, 16H, 4M, 2HO, 1FA, 2I50, 0.2
East Perth vs Perth East Perth

Jordan Eastwell (1st BEST)
Stats: 15K, 13H, 3M, 3FF, 2FA, 3I50

Trevor Oliver
Stats: 16K, 8H, 6M, 2FA, 3I50

Mark Hutchings*
8K, 6H, 7M, 1FF, 2I50, 2.0

East Perth Colts (BEST PLAYERS in order):


Stats: 11K, 4H, 5M, 2FF, 2FA

Stats: 7K, 8H, 1FF, 3I50, 1.0

Stats: 15K, 7H, 7M, 1FF, 1I50

Perth Colts (BEST PLAYERS in order):

Stats: 16K, 2H, 10M, 11HO, 1FA, 5I50, 6.2

Stats: 11K, 8H, 5M, 32HO, 2I50, 2.0

Stats: 12K, 16H, 2M, 1FF, 1FA, 4I50, 0.1

Stats: 14K, 6H, 5M, 3I50

Stats: 13K, 8H, 5M, 4I50, 1.0

* = 2009 WA U18 Academy squad members

Stats courtesy of

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