Australian (AIS-AFL) U17s vs Peel - Match Report

A comfortable 52 point win to the AIS-AFL U17s in fine but chilly conditions. They were a class above the Peel squad (composed of mainly colts and reserves players) and never looked in any great trouble at any stage during the game.

NOTE: * = eligible for this year’s (2009) draft

Australian (AIS-AFL) U17s

#1 Rhys Mott~ – Found plenty of the footy inside/out/linking through the midfield when he was on - his use was generally OK-sound. Pushed forward late in the game and kicked a goal.

#4 Kaine Stevens – solid, consistent game through the midfield, racked up plenty of the football in his time on the ground all manners and his use was sound, occasionally very good.

#5 Ryan Harwood* – Started on the bench and had an immediate impact when he came on in the first quarter being released into the midfield. As always his vision and movement through traffic is high quality - damaging in those situations, but as an outside player I think he struggles to really have an impact – he played mostly as a wingman when on for the rest of the game and struggled to get involved in the play. Kicking lacks power behind it and I think his technique will need some remodelling (a bit too mechanical).

#6 Jesse Crichton* – Hard not to notice him with the frizzy hair and headband. Started in defence, and moved further up the ground as the game. Showed plenty of pace off the mark and over distance - was afforded too much space and had a bit of a field day with several multiple bounce runs. Showed good agility, composure and DM in traffic on the occasions he won it in close. His footskills were generally sound today although a few of his kicks lacked power/penetration.

#8 David Swallow – Didn’t notice him as much in the first half, but he was much more involved in the 2nd half, where he played through the midfield and kicked an impressive goal after splitting a pack from a stoppage I50 to goal from 30-40m? out. Showed good pace off the mark on several occassions and ability to break the lines with continuous hard running and 1-2 linking.

#10 Josh Toy~ – played mainly off HB, showing genuine pace off the mark and over distance on multiple occassions including a devastating 100m+ play in the first quarter off HB where he sprinted 40-50m through the corridor and kicked long (~60m) I50 to a forward dropping back into space who marked and goaled easily. Also showed excellent penetration and power by foot, very good attack on the football, very good 1-1 ball winning ability, courage and good hands overhead backing back to take several marks. Some of his feeds were a bit off the mark (on a few occasions it looked like there was too much power behind them/he was thinking too quickly for his teammates?)

#14 Trent McKenzie~ – played in defence. Gained plenty of metreage with his disposals - covers the ground very well and has a very penetrating and accurate left foot on him.

#16 Koby Stevens* – impacted early in the game with a very good 1st quarter - showed very good attack on the footy, strength and power through the hips breaking through tackles and providing good drive from the stoppages. His delivery by foot I50 was generally very good and his passes had good power behind them.

#21 Jordan Gysberts* – Played mainly through the midfield in the first half, spent a fair bit of time I50 in the 2nd half IIRC. Worked well with Stevens in the first quarter – showed fluency in movement, clean hand skills and very good ability to stream away and spread the ball from stoppages. Kicked 2 goals (IIRC one was a running goal from just inside 50 in the first half and another came from a lead and mark set shot in the 2nd half).

#20 Jack Darling – spent most his time up the ground across HB with limited time in the true CHF position – showed good competitiveness, attack on the ball and general effort but struggled to really get into the game in an unnatural role.

#29 Scott Lycett – rucked for most the game – highly impressive mover for a 200cm 16yo – excellent pace, agility and mobility. Didn’t seem to find much of the ball around the ground nor have a significant impact when he got it. Spent little time up forward but kicked 1 goal from a quick lead out to the boundary and finished off very well with the set shot.

#30 Tom Nicholls~ – spent much of the time on the bench, but showed very good mobility and athleticism when he was on the ground. It was good to see him get his hands dirty and extract and use the ball from stoppages effectively on a few occasions.

#15 Shaun Atley - had a good, consistent game and others like #23 Steven May~ (massive build for a 16yo, presented and marked well OH, moves like Buddy - very agile and has time with the footy, long left foot kick, kicked 2 goals), #26 Kyle Hartigan* and #28 Alex Keath~ (presented well in the 3rd quarter particularly) showed some glimpses.


#3 Harley Bennell* – Medium-tall rebounding defender who showed very good pace (particularly ability to cover ground), good decision making and clean, penetrating footskills. Also pushed forward for a goal.

#26 Rhett Mason* – Was looking out for him, while he was generally clean and neat with the ball when he got it, he wasn’t prolific at all. Looked to be mainly playing of the flanks/wings.

Didn’t notice many of the other WA U18 academy players listed (D.Beswick, Brown, Luff, Wilson).

* = eligible for the 2009 AFL Draft\
~ = eligible for GC17 2009 17yo intake

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