WAFL Round 3 Wrap

East Perth vs Claremont

East Perth

Mark Hutchings* – Got it 5 times in the first quarter and used the ball cleanly on all occasions, even when under contested pressure and kicked a very good goal after swooping on a loose ball in the forward line and narrowly missed out on goaling a snap from the boundary line that was touched at the critical moment. Anonymous through the 2nd quarter (appeared he didn’t come on until past the half way point of the quarter). He was quiet again in the third (2 possessions) struggling to control difficult balls on a few occasions, but showed his talent with a clean short left foot pass (non-preferred) on the left HFF boundary line directly to a leading forward, while off balance. He only had the one possessions in the fourth quarter, but laid 3 tackles and his pressure around stoppages was good as it had been all game. Overall a quiet game for him with a few good moments.

Stats: 3K, 7H, 1FF, 1FA, 1.0


Claremont Colts

Stats: 15K, 13H, 5M, 2FF, 1FA, 2FF, 1FA, 6I50, 1.1

Stats: 13K, 12H, 10M, 1FF, 3I50, 1.1

Stats: 17K, 8H, 7M, 13HO, 2FA, 6I50, 0.2

Stats: 12K, 5H, 5M, 3HO, 1FF, 1I50, 5.0

Stats: 12K, 3H, 5M, 1HO, 1FF, 3FA, 4I50, 5.2

Subiaco vs West Perth

Subiaco Colts

Stats: 13K, 7H, 4M, 2FA, 4I50, 1.0

Stats: 11K, 9H, 3M, 1FA, 1I50, 1.0

9K, 7H, 4M, 4FF, 3I50, 5.1

West Perth Colts

Stats: 11K, 3H, 8M, 2FF, 4I50, 5.1

Swan Districts vs Peel


Anthony Morabito*
Stats: 13K, 4H, 7M, 1HO, 4I50, 1.2

Swan Districts

Brett Wolfenden
Stats: 10K, 8H, 3M, 1HO, 2FF, 1FA, 1I50, 1.0

Lewis Jetta
Stats: 13K, 3H, 4M, 2FF, 1FA, 1I50

Josh Pullman
Stats: 5K, 6H, 5M, 2I50, 1.2

Swan Districts Colts

Stats: 19K, 12H, 4M, 1FF, 3I50, 1.1

Clint Garlett*
Stats: 10K, 17H, 2M, 5I50, 0.1

Stats: 19K, 3H, 2M, 2FF, 1FA, 7I50, 3.1

Peel Colts

Rhett Mason*
Stats: 17K, 12H, 7M, 1FF, 1FA, 10I50, 1.0

Stats: 12K, 5H, 5M, 1FF, 2FA, 5I50, 3.0

South Fremantle vs Perth

Perth Colts

Stats: 17K, 18H, 8M, 1FF, 1FA, 4I50, 3.2

Stats: 21K, 13H, 8M, 3FF, 6I50, 1.1

Stats: 20K, 12H, 14M, 1HO, 1FA, 5I50, 2.0

Stats: 18K, 9H, 2M, 3FF, 7I50

Stats: 13K, 8H, 2M, 2FF, 1FA, 2I50, 2.0

Stats: 13K, 3H, 3M, 3I50, 4.1

Stats: 9K, 9H, 6M, 18HO, 1FF, 3I50

South Fremantle Colts

Brandon Matera*
Stats: 14K, 5H, 4M, 2FF, 4I50, 4.3

NOTE: * = named in the 2009 WA U18 training squad

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