WAFL Round 1 Wrap

West Perth vs East Perth (ABC Match of the day):

East Perth:

Mark Hutchings (#48) – 17 year old midfielder that earnt a spot in the league team late last year through his form in the colts – likely to be a key player in the WA U18 team this year. Eligible this year.

Quiet 1st half – started on the bench then moved onto the HFF in the first quarter gathering a few possessions without standing out and cleared the ball well from congestion a few times in the 2nd. He was most influential in the 3rd quarter when he played through the midfield picking up 8 possessions, many HBG, contested possessions or balls won at stoppages and was involved in 3 goals including assisting Duncan’s first. His final quarter was quieter, however he received some poor service from his team mates a few occasions when in space. He showed one particularly good act of courage backing it the unknown which created an scoring opportunity (goal) for a teammate. A good first hit out for the season after a quiet first half. He was named in East Perth’s best players.

Stats: 9K, 10H, 5M, 1FF, 4I50


Mitch Duncan (#46) – 17 year old utility eligible to be drafted this year, AFL-AIS scholarship played for the WA U18 team last year and captain the WA U16 team in 2006. Eligible this year.

Involved in the first quarter despite an early knock to the knee – turned a few over under pressure, but showed good ability to find the football in space – assisted 1 goal through good attack on the footy. More quiet in the 2nd – a blind kick in traffic helped assist another goal. Despite losing a few contests in the 3rd, he kicked 2 valuable goals in the 3rd quarter off a HFF/FP as East Perth were fighting their way back into the game – one from a close range snap around the body and another strolling into goal after an uncontested mark in the forward pocket. He was unsighted in the last quarter (could’ve been off the ground with an injury?). A promising debut with still plenty of room for improvement.

Stats: 10K, 2H, 2M, 1FF, 2FA, 1FF, 2FA, 2I50, 2.2


East Perth Colts:

Fred Clutterbuck

Stats: 15K, 6H, 1FF, 2FA, 2I50, 2.2

West Perth Colts:

Jack Darling – 16 year old key forward that was dominant in last year’s National U16 carnival. Not eligible this year, but a very promising prospect for 2010 and likely to be a key player for the WA U18 team.

19K, 8H, 10M, 1FF, 4FA, 5.2

Swan Districts vs South Fremantle

Swan Districts:

Lewis Jetta – 20(?) year old flanker that played some games for Swan Districts Reserves last year before returning to country football. Produced some sparkling passages of plays in the WCE intraclub match.

Stats: 7K, 4H, 3FF, 1I50

Steven Potente – 18 year old midfielder/small forward that was part of the WA U18 squad last year and a prolific ball winner for Swan Districts’ premiership winning colts side.

Stats: 3K, 4H, 2M, 1FF, 1I50

South Fremantle:

Cory Dell-olio

Stats: 12K, 8H, 6M, 2FA, 5I50, 5.1

South Fremantle Reserves:

Joel Palumbo – 18 year old midfielder that was a prolific ball winner in the colts competition last year, considered unlucky to miss out on WA U18 selection and was invited to WA SS.

Stats: 19K, 12H, 2M, 4FF, 2FA, 7I50, 3.3

Swan Districts Colts:

Clint Garlett – 17 year old midfielder/flanker that held an AFL-AIS scholarship previously and played some games for WA U18s last year. Eligible this year.

15K, 13H, 7M, 1FF, 1FA, 3I50, 0.1

Lance Daly – 17 year old key forward that was the leading goalkicker in the WAFL colts competition last year and for WA U18s too. Eligible this year.

17K, 8H, 7M, 1HO, 2FF, 4I50, 3.3


Stats: 10K, 6H, 4M, 1FF, 3I50, 4.1


Stats: 14K, 1H, 3M, 1FF, 5I50, 4.0

South Fremantle Colts:

Anthony Collica – 17 year old named in the WA U18s squad last year but didn’t play any games. Eligible this year.

Stats: 14K, 8H, 4M, 1FF, 5I50, 4.2

Brandon Matera – 16 year old flanker that was a key player for WA U16s last year. Son of Wally Matera. Not eligible this year.

Stats: 15K, 6H, 4M, 6I50, 0.1


Stats: 10K, 8H, 3M, 1HO, 1FF, 1I50, 4.1

East Fremantle vs Peel

East Fremantle:

Lewis Fasolo – 18 year old midfielder that was dominant ball winner in the colts competition last year.

Stats: 10K, 12H, 6M, 2I50

Anthony Kyanga – 19 year old small forward that dazzled late last year with his blistering pace. Won the half time WAFL GF sprint after playing in the reserves GF earlier in the day.

Stats: 11K, 3H, 1M, 2FA, 1I50, 3.0

Brad Sheppard – 17 year old medium defender that represented WA U18s last year. Eligible this year.

Stats: 9K, 4H, 5M, 2FF

Kane Lucas - 17 year old midfielder that showed very good form in last year’s U18 carnival.

Stats: 8K, 4H, 1M, 1FF, 3I50, 0.1


Anthony Morabito – 17 year old utility that has an AFL-AIS scholarship and played some games for WA U18 in last year’s championships. Eligible this year.

Stats: 11K, 3H, 1M, 1FF, 2FA, 5I50, 1.0

Chris Luff – 17 year old that was in the WA U18 squad last year.

1K, 1H, 1M, 1FA

East Fremantle Colts:

David Swallow – 16 year old midfielder that was dominant in the WA U16 carnival last year and BOG in the GF. Not eligible this year, but likely to be a key player in the WA U18 team.

Stats: 6K, 9H, 4M


Stats: 10K, 1H, 7M, 2FF, 3I50, 4.2

Peel Colts:


Stats: 20K, 6H, 4M, 1HO, 3FF, 1FA, 6I50, 2.2

Kieran Butcher – WA U16 rep last year. Not eligible this year.

Stats: 13K, 7H, 7M, 1FA, 4I50, 0.1

Mitch Brown – 17 year old WA SS invite last year.

9K, 8H, 5M, 1HO, 2FF, 1FA, 3I50, 3.2

Subiaco vs Claremont

Claremont Colts:

R.Neates - claremontfc.com.au said: "
Serious hamstring damage reduced Ryan Neates to playing exclusively for his Sorrento school Sacred Heart in 2008 after he had undertaken the massive task of playing in four different sides, including the WA under-16 team, the previous year.

Refreshed and fit again, the 17-year-old Neates sparkled in an outstanding debut for the Claremont colts side at Leederville Oval on Saturday morning.

He lives in Carine, just 100m from being in Subiaco’s metropolitan district, and the first-year UWA commerce and health science student impressed with his tigerish and creative play on the ball.

The first of his seven first-quarter kicks came with the match just two minutes old. It was an unerring pass to full-forward Josh Johns, who booted the first of his three goals.

Possessed with sparkling speed, Neates starred in the first half before coach Simon McPhee gave him a few stints on the interchange bench in the second half. He finished with four marks, 15 kicks and nine effective handpasses, as well as having a team-high tally of five tackles.

A highlight of his performance came midway through the third term when he ventured deep into defence and foiled a Subiaco attacking move by diving on to the boot of an opponent to smother the ball. This courageous effort enabled Damien Crispin to gain possession and clear the ball.

Neates, a member of the WA under-15 and under-16 sides, was physically and mentally exhausted last winter and he confined his football to playing with his school side. He also was laid low when a section of his right hamstring tore away from the bone."

Xavier Foley – 17 year old KPP that showed some good form for Claremont colts last year.

claremontfc.com.au said: "Burly Xavier Foley also excelled at centre-half-back ... Foley gained possession on the right wing and cleverly centred the ball to Harding, whose pass was marked by Johns. Then a 50m penalty made a certainty of Claremont’s fourth goal ... while Foley was asserting his influence with two strong defensive marks, the second which was followed by a goal to Coyne to give Claremont a 28-point lead."

13K, 4H, 5M, 1HO, 1FF, 1FA, 1I50

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