Tom Swift (Claremont/WA) – Draft Profile

Height: 190.9cm
Weight: 84.5kg
Role: Inside/Outside midfielder/flanker
Preferred foot: Right/Dual sided
Potential: 8.5-9.5/10 (*assuming no further knee issues)


> Outstanding all-round athleticism – explosive pace off the mark (glides over turf), big vertical jump, superb balance/agility and terrific engine – tested superbly at 2008 DC
> Excellent decision making skills - highly poised, composed and routinely picks the right options – has time with the football
> Incredibly footy smart – very quick reaction time/anticipation, reads the play very well, positions himself consistently well and knows where he needs to be - ball magnet
> Elite stoppage player – excellent ball winning ability in traffic with elite vision in and ball use by hand – power, timing, precision and impact
> Versatile – can play inside or out
> Strong OH for midfield standards – reads the flight very well and keeps his feet in contests and has safe hands, despite playing (and looking) shorter than his listed height (reach disadvantage at 191cm)
> Very clean hands and ball control
> Dual sided and economical kicking action
> Very strong and effective tackler
> Serious leadership potential – was appointed one of the leaders in the AIS squad in 2007 as an ineligible bottom ager.
> BIG upside – only played 7 games in the last 2 years


> Serious concerns over his knees – 1 ACL (left) in 2007 AIS trial game @ Subiaco - routine COD with no contact and G2 lateral ligament tear result of hyperextension after landing poorly from a leap in WA trial game
>Very little exposed form over the last 2 years – no U18 championships or WAFL League form - RISK
> Unreliable by foot under no pressure (however reliable under pressure) – often overhits or shanks it – thinks about too much or not enough?
> Disappointing/inconsistent defensive work-rate


> Has a natural arrogance to his game that all the elite players have
> Very academically intelligent – top 50 TEE performer in 2007
> Excellent all-round sportsman – football, tennis and swimming.


Swift is close to the complete package when it comes to midfielders with a stunning range of attributes. If un-hindered by injury it’s likely he would’ve been a lock for top 3. As it is there’s a real chance of getting 0 reward for your investment if his knees don’t hold up and although reports are promising from his latest setback, the worry will always exist. However on the flip side he has the ceiling to be a top 10/elite player at AFL. Where he ends up will be the most intriguing thing to watch on draft day.

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