Jesse Laurie (Claremont/WA) - Draft Profile

Height: 184cm
Weight: 90kg
Preferred foot: Right
Role: Inside running and marking HBF
Potential: 5.5-7/10


> Excellent work-ethic, competitiveness and courage – does all the 1%ers and provides defensive pressure – always looks like he’s busting a gut for his team - frequently puts his body on the line - hard hitting and effective tackler – hits the ball hard and likes to take the game on
> Reads the play well and has good aerial ability – adept at cutting off attacks by taking the relieving defensive mark or making an effective spoil
> Strongly built and has senior experience at WAFL level – 2 games late in the season – acquitted himself well according to reports
> Good vertical jump and big natural engine – 15+ beep test (highest at WA SS)


> Fairly large turning circle
> Lacks vision – straight down the line player
> Slow and poor good decision maker by hand or foot
> Poor balance and appears un co-ordianted/ungainly in his movements
> Limited versatility – running and marking HBF or midfield tagger


> Below average use by both foot and hand - penetrating RF kick, however lacks control and precision – long kicks can have good hurt factor (can be a 70m+ play), but doesn’t go long often enough – not a routinely good decision maker
> Borderline passable pace


Laurie is a workhorse that will play for the team, but is lacking a lot of class. He has limited upside, but seems like the type that will always give his all if given an opportunity. At best he could be developed into a solid, unclassy, hard hitting small defender/tagger.

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