Jeff Garlett (Swan Districts/WA) – Draft Profile

Height: 178cm
Weight: 67kg
Style: Outside crumbing small FP/HFF/wingman
Preferred foot: Right/Dual Sided
Potential: 6-7.5/10


> Very clean hands and outstanding ball control
> 2 way work ethic – chases, tackles, provides multiple efforts and 1%ers – often high impact
> Surprisingly effective tackler (good technique)
> Smart, creative football brain with excellent reaction time (blink and miss efforts that leave others flat footed e.g. goals against South Fremantle at Newman and Subiaco in the GF)
> Natural goal kicking instincts - small crumbing forward that gets front and centre very well and is a large threat at stoppages in goal scoring range – can kick goals from any angle I50 with plenty of tricks to get him in a position to do so – very good checkside and snapshot
> Very quick off the mark (quicker than testing time suggests) and excellent evasive skills (extremely slippery) - made to look even quicker with his quick RT – can explode away from a stoppage and carry the ball over distance very effectively in space – also possesses a very good vertical leap and can get up high for hangers
> Very good OH mark for his size – plays taller, reads the flight well and very efficient 1-1 with his body work and outmanoeuvring of opponents (often much stronger)
> Versatile - ability to play any of HFF/FP, wing, midfield (only if he puts on size/strength) and even as a rebounding HBF


> Sub 180cm
> 19 years old and chronically skinny
> Questionable attitude/ethic from some reports – had some issues re: missing training with Swan Districts this year and was subsequently suspended
> Low possession winner


> OK usage by foot – dual sided, so-so accuracy (can be hit and miss on occasions), but kicks lack power and penetration beyond 50m
> Passed up in last year’s draft – part of the Swan Districts colts premiership team – but didn’t make any junior state squads.
> Very good start to the season at WAFL level but dropped off in the 2nd half due to injury/suspension


Garlett is a player who will work hard on the field, put on a good show and make things happen with a football. However, he does face an uphill battle being sub 180cm and chronically skinny, but if he applies himself well enough and can put on the kilos, he has the what it takes to a be a successful small forward pocket/flanker/midfielder.

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