Daniel Murray (East Perth/WA) – Draft Profile

Height: 199.4cm
Weight: 98.2kg
Preferred foot: Right
Role: Bash and crash inside tap ruckman
Potential: 5-7/10


> Physicality and aggression at the man and ball – big body (needs refining) that throws his weight around
> Good tapwork – generally has good variety/mix, vision of where his midfielders are positioned and directs well to advantage, however at 199cm and with a poor vertical leap it will be a lot harder to get his hands to it at the next level up.


> Little to no athleticism (below average in all departments) or mobility around the ground
> Poor ball use by foot – poor, scrappy technique, very little control and accuracy


> Had the highest skinfolds at 2008 WA SS – would suggest decent scope to improve athleticism via trimming down


Unfortunately for him was Naitanui’s back-up at the championships, which didn’t given much of a chance to shine. Ruckman generally take longer to develop than any other type of player, so it’s best to be more lenient with them, while Murray has good tapwork skills and a good dose of aggression/physicality I struggle to see significant upside with Murray (the rest of his game requires a complete makeover). A handy 2nd string/depth bash and crash ruckman is the best case scenario IMO, but still needs a lot of development to even reach that level.

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