Sam McGarry (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Height: 184.5cm
Weight: 76.0kg
Preferred foot: Right
Playing Style: Outside midfielder/flanker

Potential: 5-6/10


> Likes to initiative to make the play – lively, provides run, takes players on

> Good ethic – tries his heart out, good attack on the ball, likes to get involved, runs both ways

> Very good evasive skills – slippery

> Clean hands at ground level

> Good engine – runs all game


> Poor kick – poor weighting, unbalanced, lacks power – burns it on a consistent basis by foot

> Poor DM – scatterbrain/headless chook - lacks judiciousness, tries to take way too many on and runs himself into trouble frequently – doesn’t get away with it consistently at U18 level, won’t get away with it at AFL. Also uses the ball poorly (DM wise as well as execution).

> Skinny build and lacks strength

> Doesn’t win a lot of footy


> Decent pace and leap (but not great) – sub 3s


You can just about always write off outside midfielders that have poor skill execution and DM – McGarry is in this category. His skills would have to be drastically improved to meet AFL standard and I don’t think there’s enough upside to even consider rookie listing him.

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