Daniel Hannebery (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro) - Draft Profile

Height: 181.7cm
Weight: 76.7kg
Preferred foot: Right
Playing Style: Bull at a gate running outside/inside midfielder

Potential: 7-8/10


> Attacks the ball/contest with intensity – courageous (willing to go back with flight) puts his head over it at all times and shows good desperation to win the footy (one of those guys that really wants the footy in their hands) – plays with attitude and intent –strong tackle and good ethic

> Would be difficult to tag – always moving

> Elite engine – hard runner, works both ways – best 3km and top 10 beep test at draft camp (repeat sprints were above average too)

> Very good core strength - thick trunk, non classical AFL build (short and stocky) – can stand up in tackles

> Very good lateral vision to spot targets and routinely makes good decisions and importantly always looks to move the footy quickly

> Sharp relexes –quick feeds by hand in traffic with good power

> Moves fluently laterally

> Broad shouldered – projects to being a strong, powerful AFL build


> Lacks pace/explosiveness off the mark (skinfolds below average so some scope to improve?) – however plays quicker on-field as he’s continually moving and has intensity

> Reach disadvantage for his height (already short)


> Bottom aged good upside if you improve kicking (as DM already excellent)

> Decent but unreliable kick – can be scrappy – quite good penetration on LF, accuracy average/ inconsistent.


While he’s unlikely to ever be the star of the show at AFL, Hannebery has the potential to be a creative 2nd tier bull at a gate midfielder that can contribute very effectively to the team in both directions.

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  1. Hannebery has the abillity to captain the Sydney Swans one day.